Adrienne (not pictured above) writes;

I am a 4a/4b extremely dense natural just over 2 yrs now. I have an infant and time is not my friend. Finally I am reaching the point where I realize your hair when you first go natural is not the head of hair you end up with years down the road. Is there anyone else out there whose length and density has been getting the best of them? Are your staple styles no longer achievable due to length and ability to manipulate your tresses? Are you finding yourself revisiting the emotions you felt when you first transitioned or big chopped?

Don’t get me wrong I love my fro, and am happy not to have my thinning relaxed hair, but lately I’m getting discouraged at the thought of being stuck with just a couple of options. Styling soaking wet, sectioning, finger combing, night time routine set, and still I have trouble. In the name of less breakage I realized twist-outs should be given a break, however, I am stuck with a head band or couple of bobby pins. I can’t remember the blog, but I saw a woman comment on the subject, I’m paraphrasing, ” Some textures should just realize that certain things are not achievable and they’d be happier with their hair”. Keep in mind I’m a simple girl. All I ask is for the ability to just pull off a puffy ponytail, lol! Isn’t that the goal when you first decide to ditch the relaxer? Having versatility and spending less time fighting your hair, and more time enjoying your hair. Any thoughts/comments from the 4yr and beyond veterans out there?