source: Le Coil

MelMelBee writes:

I LOVE my natural hair, and since I’ve been natural, I’ve always tried to encourage other people around me, especially close friends and family, to experience first-hand he beauty of being “au naturale”. However, sometimes I have noticed that I can become a little over zealous. I have found myself emailing articles, pictures, tutorials, and product information to my non-natural friends hoping that they will become enlightened or something. Once I talked about natural hair facts and information for about 20 minutes during a phone call with my friend…until she finally told me to “shut up” (we both laughed afterward, because we both knew how hyped and excited I was about porosity testing, LOL). Most of my family and friends know that I’ll go on and on about ANYTHING that I’m passionate about, so they realize that I’m not trying to harass/hurt them, but I was wondering…

If you have ever been accused of being a hair bully? Or have you ever been hair-bullied?