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Rene Syler Speaks…

By January 27th, 202144 Comments
The Birther Movement: Was Obama Trumped?
by Rene Syler of Good Enough Mother

Oh man I really hate politics. I guess a more accurate description would be that I hate politicians. Why? Because in all my travels, I have yet to find one that hasn’t shaken hands with the devil to get where they are. But while the ones already in office say some off-the-wall stuff, it’s the antics of those trying to get there that are truly reprehensible. Enter Donald Trump.

The bombastic billionaire must be feeling invincible these days. First there was that ‘racist’ interview on a New York radio station recognized as out of touch by anyone who’s spent any time on any floor other than the penthouse. But Trump didn’t stop there; he continued to push this notion, embraced by a few on the fringe that President Obama was not born in this country and therefore his presidency is invalid, the so-called Birther Movement. Finally, as you doubtless know, in an effort to quell the cacophony, President Obama and the White House yesterday released his long form birth certificate, which of course, The Donald took full credit for prompting.

Wow. There are so many things wrong with this situation I’m not really even sure where to start. But at first blush there are at least three that we can talk about.

TRUMP: I would imagine he’s sporting an arm sling today after all that back patting he did yesterday. Proud of himself? Why? Because the White house produced a hard copy of something that according to reports had been available online for years? Why on earth are we going to trust him in matters of national security when he can’t execute a simple Google search or find a hair color that occurs in nature?

PRESIDENT OBAMA: Why? Why, why, why would he stoop to the level of chatter coming from a man most famous for boardroom hyperbole? The President did a good job last summer when he dismissed much of the chatter coming from the cable channels calling it a distraction from the real issues facing the country. But why now? Why didn’t he just continue on the way he had been, rising above it instead of engaging?

THE MEDIA: This is the final piece of this effed up, soup sandwich. I’m not talking about the cablers, who have endless hours of airtime to fill with endless speculation and conspiracy theories. No it was the over-the air broadcasters that moved the ball down the field. From behind the podium at the White House briefing room, President Obama scolded the press corps, pointing out that, had he held a press conference talking about national security no one would have broken into regular programming. The reason that’s a big deal is because they would have to cut into commercial time, and that’s how the networks make money. No, it would have to be something REALLY big to do that. A national security briefing, covering the clear and present dangers that exist around the world, bah, who cares? But producing the birth certificate, the result of a story kept alive because of rantings by a megalomaniac, among others? STAND BY! We’re live in 3, 2 1..

Why does this bother me enough to write about it? Because President Obama should not have had to do it. I know there will be those of you who want to believe we live in a colorblind society; I want to believe that too. But the fact is issues of race in this country cast a long shadow, whether you’re the first African American president of the United States, a network news anchor or any other professional or working class stiff.

Black is black, and that means having to lead a life of calculated concessions with other people’s comfort in mind. It means having to think twice about how you’re dressed when you go into a high end store on Madison Avenue, only to realize it ultimately won’t matter; store security will follow you so closely they’ll trip over your Gucci shoes and the Prada bag slung over your shoulder. It means having to watch your tone when you lose your temper, lest you be accused of being an Angry Black Woman. It means learning to smile politely when people say things like, “ You talk like you’re white.” or “ You sure are pretty for a black girl.” Yes, I have heard them both.

So there he was, President Obama, leader of the free world, standing behind the podium being forced to show his “papers” because a bombastic gadfly made enough noise to induce lemming-like behavior among the immediate gratification crowd. Pitiful. Shameful. Wrong. There’s much more to say and the issues go so much deeper than can be addressed here. But I’m weary and worn down by it all, perhaps a bit like our president, who was forced to make another in his own series of calculated concessions. Somehow I doubt it will be his last.

But what do you think? Should President Obama have had to respond to a small but vociferous crowd about this issue? Do you think this will settle the issue once and for all? And what do you think it will take to make real progress on race in this country.

A gentle reminder; this is another hot issue. I ask that people respect one another’s opinions so that we can have intelligent debate and possibly even learn something.

Weigh in!


  • Anonymous says:

    Should have told all of them to eat dirt (and meant it)! Now they want to see his credentials re college…see it never stops.

    And sorry I've never been tailed in a high end store (and better not be) and neither have I had to just smile–I say what's on my mind albeit tactfully but I def never had someone make those comments out loud (anyways).

    I guess folks who are overly educated start forgetting these worldly white folk don't care nothing about all of you education or that's you're half-white, just like in slavery and Jim Crow, you're still a nigger be it educated or half-white(yes I said it).

  • Anonymous says:

    I'm still not voting for this idiot. I wish a MIGHT even him a chance. Team Obama!

  • Anonymous says:

    The blogger who wanted to know how of the people who commented are African American aka Black….well who cares what color your skin is to weigh in on this issue! Looks like you are throwing around the race cards. Only Black folks knows what it feels like to be oppressed or challenged. You mentioned bigots picking on Obama and that this wouldn't happen if he was white. Duh, happended to McCain. His birthplace was questionsed. Poor Obama, most powerful man in the world and he can't stand up to the big bad Birther movement. Birthers are racist, bigots, KKK members the list goes on and on. You are asserting that Obama is being treated like a step-child. He rides around on our tax dollars doing whatever he wants. He continues with war after war. He gets kick backs from the top oil companies just like all the other politcian. Trump is sitting at the White dinner with Obama right now. This political forum sideshow is like the old WWF (world wrestling federation) only the ignorant believe that TV wrestling is real. You know, put on a good show, you know one villan one good guy…entertain the common folks and at the end of the day we will go out and have a drink together and get up and do it again tomorrow. They'll never know. Trump show boating is a ploy to get people to look at him. Yes, I know what it is like to be Black, been Black all my life. When things go wrong or don't turn out my way, I don't automatically think it is because of the color of my skin. I try to look at things objectively. Everything that isn't right is not because of racisim.

  • Anonymous says:

    I think we a society should be careful with throwing around the "racist" label. That label is just as hurtful as other labels. If you use it all the time, it will lose its' power when you really need to label someone with the "Racist" label. Yes, there are racists out there in all walks of life, but asking someone to produce a document that is a requirement is far from being racist. I would challenge anyone that thinks it is racist to examine the situation objectively. For example, when you register your child for school, you usually have to provide a birth certificate and shot records. Often, for sports you will need a birth certificate. Getting a passport or Social Security card requires a birth certificate. Puttig this racist label on Birthers, Republican, Tea Partiers, etc. is a media distraction to the real problems. Would you like to be called a racist? Oh, most of you are saying…well I'm not one, but what if I still labeled you a racist? Not so fun, huh? Stop throwing around labels. What if I said all Blacks/Whites/Chinese etc are lazy? That would piss you off and you would want to beat me down…so why are all birthers racists? They're not. The person who posted this question states what Trump said was reprehensible…I thought we are in the free world where free speech is protected??? Oh only if you don't critcize a person of color. It is double standard. McCAin produced a birth certificate when asked. Oh, that's right he isn't Black so it's okay to ask him, but not Obama. Many groups have fought for equality in the world and we are definitely not there yet, but how about fairness when sticking to the rules. We can't have different rules for different people, even if he is the first "Black" president. What is reprehensible are the countless people dying from drug overdoses, black genocide, gang warfare, and young men and women dead from wars in other countries.

  • Anonymous says:


    All of these comments were an interesting read, some more well said than others. I'm glad however, that we can have a healthy debate about the issues.
    This was different from the norm of curlynikki conversations and lends itself to be open ended. So, let's get back to the hair talks…

  • Anonymous says:

    Just curious if Trump asked Melania for her birth certificate, or green card if applicable.

  • Anonymous says:

    Hmmm, Rene sounds like she is still bitter from being fired from the Early Show. She probably blames that on her being black as well. I am black and I don't like how Obama is running the country and I too questioned his birth place. That does not make me a racist so why would it make Trump one? Some of us carry boulders on our shoulders and we need to get over ourselves. Sometimes, it's not about your color it could just be YOU that they don't like. Some black folks support Obama simply beacause he is black and that is just as wrong as not supporting him simply because he is black.

  • Anonymous says:

    I had to comment. First of all, if President Obama had simply presented his birth certificate when McCain did his, then there would be no wondering whether or not he is a citizen or not. Come on people! A president is SUPPOSED to be a citizen. Why should not anyone prove if they are or not? As much was owed the American people, you know the country that he hates and yet wants to be the leader of. Reminiscent of Slavery? Please. Come up with a better excuse. So, if someone questions the president who happens to be half black it is racism. What about not agreeing with his politics? beliefs? standards? Besides, slavery is not the end all be all for anything, it is just a means to shut people up. Slavery is still around us today and guess what? Our president is a huge supporter of it! After all, he is half white, no?

  • Anonymous says:

    To: Any 5:42 Alex Jones followers are not trolls. We don't lower ourselves with name calling. The 244 accomplishments of Pres. Obama comes from a blog which is just someone's opinion. Just because you say it doesn't make it true. I've flown to the moon and back….yeah right. The only thing our current president and others in the same poisitioned have accomplished is keeping the superordinate agenda going which is keep the masses dumbed-down so that they will argue among themselves and not notice them getting robbed right in front of their eyes. If I can get you to argue about stuff that doesn't matter, I can slip in your back door, rob you, and you will still be arguing about something inconsequential. People who believe Mr. Obama or any other politicals are here to help them is just a follower of the diatribe that the masses are conditioned to believe. Have you ever asked yourself, what changes from one predisent to another? Is there a difference between republicans and democrats? Am I any better off when one group is in office compared to another…NOPE! Left, Right, Liberal, Conservative, it is a two-headed monster. You'll still be arguing about racism while your taxes both white and black go up. Why is Planned Parenthood only in the innter city neighborhoods? Why are menthol cigarette and liqour adds in the lower economic areas of a city? No Hennessy ads in Beverly Hills! No Newport ads in Martha Vineyards. Anyone who labels others as trolls is just afraid to go out to Alex Jones' website and dive in…you know why, because you will be forced to look at things a little bit different. No more excuses, no more blaming your will have to join forces with your neighbor to fight the common enemy which is controlling the masses. Is Alex Jones right on everything….nope, but he will make you think…which most people are no longer able to do….most schools don't teach critical thinking; schools teach conformity and repetition. So while you are laughing at the Alex Jones folks we are laughing at you. We laugh at the ignorance of people unable to look at other things. BTW, I've been following curlynikki for a long time and I follow Alex Jones, Alan Watt and a whole host of others. I dare you to go to Alex Jones' Prison Planet webiste! I darn you to read 5 articles. You won't, because you are scared. Many are scared, but once you 'Wake Up", as it is called, you will kick yourself for not doing it sooner. I hope that you will take the challegne, but I doubt you will. You will read a whole article about hair products and watch hours of Dancing with the Stars, but you won't open your eyes you'll sit around a talk about the Alex Jones trolls and how people are crazy, stupid or what have you, but I bet you won't read it. Go to Read about Black Genocide, check out Dick Gregory also. In conclusion, the guest blogger asked us to be sensitve and you decided to name call. Not cool.

  • Anonymous says:

    As I read these comments, I really want to know how many of you who commented are African-American and can really identify with what it means to be Black in America. It's quite a perplexing issue to deal with, whether you are of lower class, middle class or even upper class, the impact of race, whether subtle or,overt or covert as many of our policies are, being black is something that we understand from our first interactions with people unlike us. For the President of the United States, at this time of war and economic crises, it is INCREDIBLE that the issue of his birth certificate was STILL in contention. For those of you who feel that this RACE "idea", which is NOT an idea at all, is being overly emphasized, it is REAL and it is being shown right now in the fact that the President has been muted. The most powerful man in this country has been muted by a bunch of white, bigoted and idolatry individuals. The power dominance is showing and despite Obama being the President, he doesn't have enough capital to just say and do as he pleases. If he were not a citizen he would not have been the senator that he was for Illinois. Unlike most of you know, the government does a thorough background check of every political pundit and much to many of our dismay, for those that believe that this is not a RACE/RACIST issue, please believe that this would not have happened to any other person if they were white. Being Black is something serious and people need to stop pretending that this CRY and Shout that African-Americans and allies together keep preaching is not a card that's being pulled from nowhere. This is real and it is evidenced, day by day by day, by everything that happens in this world.

    We are in a power dominant society (white people society) and that is going to change in a couple of years, but it can't change if people do not see the debilitating effects of race.

  • Anonymous says:

    Oh lord, the Alex Jones trolls have found curlynikki.

    BTW, Obama has kept 85% of his campaign promises thus far. He has accomplished more during 3 years than Bill Clinton accomplished in 8. But don't expect the mainstream media to tell you this.

    Read the 244 accomplishments of President Obama here:

  • Anonymous says:

    I also would like to see them both with BIG curls in their hair. LoL!!!!

    Big Ups to Alex Jones –

  • Anonymous says:

    Many times issues become clearer if we stay with the "facts".

    @ Anonymous who posted at 1:28 p.m, I would like to respectfully correct at one thing in your post.

    When the issue of McCain being born in Central America on an American military base "INITIALLY" came up during the campaign 3 years ago…..HE SHOWED HIS LONG FORM BIRTH
    CERTICATE AT THAT TIME! Even though he was not a "natural born American" as required by the Constitution, he qualified under the 14th Amendment to the Constitution. CASE CLOSED and we heard no more about it! (To me, that's an example of leadership). President Obama taught the Constitution and he knows what he should have done two and a half years ago. I say it is time for us to start demanding some real leadership from him….instead of continuing to make excuses for him. Demanding he does his job does not mean or imply that you do not support him. We as African Americans need to understand this.

  • Anonymous says:

    Go to Natural News by Mike Adams. Prison Planet by Alex Jones. This will shut up most people about this issue. Or maybe, most of you are doomed to continue talking about stupid issues. Obama is a puppet for installing the industrial complex. Unfortnately, most of you'll are so chemically altered and dumbdowned that you probably won't research. There is no difference between people. Birthers are not racist and Trump and Obama are actually on the same team. It is farce!This saddens me that sooo Black people believe that issues are about race, it is generally about economic stauts…poor vs. rich. The poor category is the working class

  • Anonymous says:

    Of course it's racism that's causing these "birthers" and "far righters' to question Obama's birthplace…even though they didn't do the same for McCain who wasn't even born in this country, but in Central America. No one questioned his birthplace, or if he was an American because he was white.

    I never liked Trump. I always thought he was a bit of a smug, male chauvinist, and to see that he is a racist is not a surprise.

    Where Obama won't get a pass on me, however, is that he has betrayed almost every single campaign promise, and the left in general. The wars in Afghanistan, Iraq are still going on. And now we have a third war to continue this insanity in Libya. Guantanamo Bay "Holding" facility is still open. The banksters have looted our federal reserve (started under Bush) and not one single damn one is in prison, and the man who helped the looting — Timothy Geithner is in charge of the Dept. of Treasury. Also, he allowed BP to pollute the Gulf of Mexico for generations with oil and Corexit,and started a war when Japan needed help…and now the entire Pacific Ocean is polluted. And no, it won't "dilute". He sold himself out to the corporations. And now unions are being busted throughout the country. Sorry, but even a black candidate (and I am African American) won't get my vote if they're continuing the ludicrously dangerous policies of the corporations. The Democrats no longer represent the "left" in this country, but the "moderate right".

    I voted for Obama last time. But, sorry — just because he's black (and yes I'm African American) doesn't mean I'd vote for him, if he continues the insane policies of the previous administration. P.S. Trump will probably make it simpler for Obama to get a second term if he's the candidate on the "right", because he'll be just like a Sarah Palin — a complete joke.

  • Anonymous says:

    Response to Pinkgirlfluff. Too funny, how people can get on your nerves and this whole topic gets on my nerves…well the blog is about hair not about Obama or republicans or democrats or aliens! So this topic (Obama vs Trump) is not a hair topic which is the basis for this blog. That would be like putting a hair topic in a political forum or askng me do I believe n Big Foot on this blog. Also, get the facts straight, Nikki didn't post this, it from a "guest" blogger. Donald Trump, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackon, Pres.Bush, President Clinton, Bill Gates, all politicians are actors in a play and that is why they can get on TV a lie to you all of us. The economony is not getting better, Blacks are not better off with president that has color to his skin. It is a joke and putting a racist label on providing a certificate is part of the industrial complex. I think a another person mentioned it. So many people are caught up in Black, White, mine, yours, republican,democrats blah, blah, blah. You and I are part of an agenda that the higher up's want to divide and conquer. Obama birth certificate is a distraction to the real problem. Oftentimes I feel like I am pretty much wasting my time everytime I try to educate people on the real dangers because some get fixed onto silly issues about Iphones, what Beyonce had on, who is dating who; however, I can't sit by and not say anything. I know most people will say, take your comment somewhere else, don't comment if you don't like the posting, but if you can say this issue is racist, then I can't sit by and just watch everyone get hoodwinked. The real issues are GMO food, vaccines, uncalled for wars, planned economic collapsed, and the police state of the United States. Everything some idiot gets on TV to talk about the Obama's it is distraction!!! Pay attention to real politics and stop talking about a stupid birth certificate. BTW…haven't all of you had to supply a birth certificate for one reason or another. Have you seen the price of gold and silver. As we are talking about Trump and his stupid hair, the China,Russia, Venezula and other countries are dropping dollar bills like hot potatoes. Oh no, we are talking about stupid Trump, how racist it is to ask someone to provide a document. It it wasn't such a issue the dame Pres. would have shown it years ago. It is hype about nothing. It is such a stupid issue that it really hits home that most people or sheppal and will jump on the bandwagon for anything! Fashion, fitness, politics, food trends, are all developed to get people to follow. If you watch TV and pay attention to the stars, actors, atheltes, celcebrity gossip, you have a lot to learn. If you read the New York Times, Washington Post and think you know what you are talking about..bologna you are reading a script. Why does Monsontao genetically modify the food we eat? Why are vaccines laden with mercury? Why does our drinking supply have flouride in it? I work in the dental field and fouride is a poision..that's why you can swallow it or give it to your dog. Go research this stuff your self..don't go by what I say, get educated and not a degree get into alternative media. Get informed, get involved, but get off the racist agenda. Most people just want to be happy, safe, and live a good life. Yes, there are racist people in every ethnic group including Black. That is not the issue it is a distraction, people wake the heck up!!!My final comment….what has Obama, Donald Trump, Bill Gates, Michelle Obama, President Clinton, Beyonce, Jay-Z, Jesse Jackson, etc. done for you? Are they looking out for you? Has Obama called you up and given you an opportunity for anything? Nope! None of these people care about you. Sorry, that is the cold hard facts. I know, I know, I should just take my comments somewhere else, but I'm not, because I care and I am passionate. If we don't come together to solve the real issues, then we will Never get ahead a society, country, or world.

  • Anonymous says:

    1 very small word. NO!

  • Anonymous says:

    ITA with pinkgirlfluff

  • pinkgirlfluff says:

    I strongly believe that if a person is not interested in something that is posted they do not have to engage in the discussion about it. People are multidimensional. Just because the blog mainly focuses on hair this topic is a huge deal whether people want to admit it or not. Not talking about it won't make it go away. Racism and bigotry are big deals no matter WHO is committing the act.

    A lot of the problems in this country stem from inequality. The reason we are in the hole we are in is because people want so badly to pretend these things don't occur. Movements are not inspired by people living in the clouds pretending like we are all on the same page.

    Yes it should really be about the haves and have nots in this country but because there are still people that view US as lower class citizens regardless of accomplishments it will NEVER be about the haves and the have nots.

    Maybe the people thinking that acknowledging all aspects of what creates the MANY divisions in our society need to drink a cup of reality and let people decide for themselves what they deem as important.

    People get on my nerves telling people what they should put on their blogs.

    Thank you, Nikki, for posting this!

  • Anonymous says:

    Of course this is racist and even David Letterman thinks so:

    We need to wake up and VOTE: FOUR MORE YEARS!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    Thanks Any 12:11 am – WTF does this have to do with hair. I come to this blog to read about something as silly as hair tips and I don't want to hear anyone else's political view. I thought about not writing anything, but I thought to myself, most of these folks will say this is racist. Slavery, apartheid, get over it. I want to read this, the I will go to AOL's Black voices! Blacks can be just as racists as white to one another or other races. White folks aren't sitting around talking about how to keep black folks down…guess what they want to say rights/freedoms/benefits ets as us….oh snap, yes, I'm black. Birthers, Liberals, Conservative, Atheist etc……people these are all labels that are created to divide us from really addressing the issues. You are this, I'm this. There are only two groups in the world "the haves" and the "have nots"… guess what we are the have nots that's why we are taxed, feed posionous food, monitored by Big Brother, and told to strip down in the airport. We are cattle. The only thing that divides us are the people who have power and the ones that don't. Arguing about Donald Trump, birthers, racists, blah, blah is not the answer. The birther movement is another label to divide us. Stop drinking the Kool-Aid.

  • Anonymous says:

    Uum, what does this have to do with hair? JS.

  • Anonymous says:


  • Anonymous says:

    I am getting many e-mails, etc. about President Obama, Donald Trump and birthers. If we, the regular American citizens, are smart, we would "STOP" all of this flow of negativity right now. If we sincerely expect/want our politicans to do their jobs, we ne…ed to demand that they focus on the issues. I am tired of seeing people hurting due to our country's economic situation. So I am not interested in mean spirited notes….I do not care about democrats, republicans, conservatives, liberals, the right, the left, black or white, etc. I only care about human beings not suffering unnecessarily. If you have read history (or lived long enough), you know ALL presidents have been criticized whether rightly and wrongly. (And at least one other president faced the birther issue). If any president cannot stand up to any kind of pressure, then that person certainly should not be commander-in-chief of this country. Enough said….NOW just as we would demand that the ceo of a corporation perform or be fired, let's demand that ALL the politicans we've sent to Washington to…..GET THE JOB DONE……and let's get this country back on track!

  • Anonymous says:

    It is a racial thing. Are there any birthers who are not white racist? They are the ones that said Obama is a Muslim-like that is the worst thing that he could be which is frankly insulting to Muslims. It is a racial thing. The evidence that Obama was born in the US is all here, but because they are shocked, appalled that a Black won the presidency, they have to believe something else. "it is a conspiracy. it has to be." Then they keep on widening it to make their evidence fit. "the media is in on it." Birthers are racist. Thats all there is to it. And because they cant explain a black president, they cling to this conspiracy to explain what they cant wrap their minds around.

  • Anonymous says:

    The best way to vent…at the polls.

  • Anonymous says:

    The media and Trump are one in the same…none of this should be a surprise. Obama supporters shouldn't even waste time with this (and if you watch Celebrity Apprentice…stop).

  • Anonymous says:

    And now, the mainstream press is posting articles about President Obama's late father and the issues which led to him having to leave Harvard while in a pHD program.

    These people are getting desperate and sick.

  • Anonymous says:

    Bookerrising is a black fronted/white backed right wing echo chamber for Fox News. Sean Hannity ran that same story this week on Fox. It's replete with the typical fact twisting and falsehood pushing. May as well skip bokerrising altogether and just go to Fox.

  • Janae says:

    THIS IS WHY WE NEED TO BE AT THE POLLS NEXT YEAR. You see this? These are the kind of "men" that want to take control of this country. These men patting their backs and signing bills to cut off funding for stem cell research and planned parenthood and giving life to the birther movement. They are going to turn this country back upside down. If you were lazy about the midterm elections, if you were lazy after the midterm election, wake the heck up now. Because if we DON'T….this is what we're gonna get handed to us. A bigot in a business suit.

  • Anonymous says:

    Why does the mainstream news media keep giving life to this issue, moreso than real issues of importance to the American people? Because as part of the media industrial complex, which is owned by billionaire Republicans, it's in their best interest to do so. Every single headline is meant to damage Obama. The news media is not objective and hasn't been since the late nineties. Everyone, please read this article for an idea of the opposition President Obama is up against:

    Covert Operations: The billionaire brothers who are waging a war against Obama.

  • Anonymous says:

    I do not think President Obama should have produced the extra article being demanded of him by a group of irrational people who are simply using this demand as a tangible way to express their issues.

    This country was established by the trash/rejects from England who, because of a deepseated inferiority complex, built this country and their self-esteem on the destruction of several other cultures. For generations, they have performed acts to suppress excellence from these groups to support their faulty self esteem building process. A segment of this country never let go of this and never realized how personally destructive this kind of thinking is, not to mention the cost to the country.
    It all blew up in their face to see a black family who has more intelligence, success,education and power than they will ever know. That's a hard nut to swallow for those who continue to build a sense of personal selfworth on such faulty ground. Can you imagine telling yourself that no matter what, you are always better than a (fill in your choice here)? All of sudden, the (fill in blank with same) gets a better job, more money, better grades, etc. and your mind gets blown. All you can do is eihter
    1) reevaluate your thinking and establish a healthier way of thinking
    2) keep with the same old patterna dn do everything in your power to find ways to support it- even if they are irrational

    President Obama, no matter what he does, will never be able to be considered legitimate in the eyes of a certain segment of this country, because the cost of doing so would come at the cost of their mental stability (the little that's there to begin with). I feel that he has opened the gatway for further demands- he has enabled the addict, so to speak.

    Sorry for the dissertation, but I went to school with Birther type people and I realize why they think the way that they do.

  • Anonymous says:

    I think politicians are just plain ole picking on the President. And just for the record, Donald Trump is officially on my shit list. Someone should piss and throw the piss in Trump's face, but that might be too good for Trump.

  • Anonymous says:

    Disgusted the president capitulated. I think once Obama has the attitude that if I win again so be it and if I lose so will America, then he will be in a more powerful position. He doesn't need to do anything else to win but work hard. Who cares if most Repubs and T partiers doubted his birth???

    Another part of me says: perhaps he showed it because someone was getting ready to drop a dime about some other issue or related issue. Such things do happen in politics. There is usually a reason for everything and often we are not privy to the real things going on behind the scene.

    But bottom line for me: No Trump in cards nor TV show will ever be shown in my house again. I don't care who is on the show. Period. I've always had people tell me they never quite trusted him because he seems to care only about his own self interest.

    I gave him the benefit of the doubt before.(maybe because of some of the young black men and women he had on his shows…I don't know)

    But I'm done and through with him and his programs.

    And even more: We are not in a post racial anything as far as I'm concerned.

    And the media is culpable too. All of a sudden they are saying that Trump's action was race based. Why didn't they say it before when the T partier kicked it up? it just seems the media is trying to cover their asses.

  • Anonymous says:

    I agree this is not over. I think it in a way this is a smart move. Election year is coming and I am sure he does not want to deal with this silliness, because this election year him will be fighting with all he got, I really believe it will be the most racist election to date..
    Most politians are stupid and racist (Trump is one of them)having black friends does not count. I appaluded Obama, he is fighting an up hill battle, half of the people are agianst him and the other half do not want him to succeed.
    How many white presidents have been asked to produce their birth certificates "None", how racist can this be!!

  • Melodee A says:

    I don't even know where to begin…

    Should the President have responded to the nonsense that the so called birther's have been spewing?… NO!

    Will it resolve the issue once and for all?…NO! They will find something else to try and discredit the President.

    What will it take to improve the race relation's in this country?.. Nothing short of an alien invasion and then we would all have the element of being human in common OR the second coming of Christ!

    One would think that in 2011 we would be farther along when it comes to race relations, but sadly not much has changed. All you can do is PRAY!

  • Anonymous says:

    This "issue" was never about race or bigotry, it was never about intelligence or success, it has always been and will always be about propaganda! Politicians on both sides are selling themselves and must work it like a business to sell themselves. In turn, television must boost ratings so they pick up on the propaganda and make it even bigger.

    …I wonder what both these men would look like as curlies! 🙂

  • Anonymous says:

    I was watching a local New Station yesterday where I live and they were discussing this very issue. They have a segment called "Dipping into the email bag". Anyways a lady sent in a hillarious email about this situation.

    Anyways, like most of us she was APPALLED by the upsurdity of this siutation…the President having to produce his birth certificate and all.

    Anyways, she then stated that if anyone needed to produce a birth certificate, it was Donald Trump! Because he looks like an ALIEN FROM OUTER SPACE! Forget about proving if he was born in this country…we need to find out if he's even human! I was on the floor….it was so funny!!! I hope this lighten things a little…even if for a moment! I Pray for CHANGE!

  • AishaSaidIt says:

    No it's not over. It's not and never was about his birthplace. It's about discrediting him as President. He is different and represents many nightmares for a lot of "older" people. (I'll just leave it at that.) I know it's not cool to throw out that "Race Card" when something goes down. But you would be a fool to think it is no longer viable. In this particular situation it is part political right/left BS and part straight up old school RACISM. So there it is, my card, I lay it down whole heartily. BTW… President Obama graduated Magna Cum Laude at Harvard and became President of the Harvard Law Review. Only work, prayer, sweat and tears takes you that far, not skin color. If Trump has any more questions concerning that he should probably ask Harvard and stop wasting the President’s time.

  • Anonymous says:

    President Obama having to show his birth certificate is reminisce of the days of slavery. A freed Black man would have to show his "freedom" papers to prove that he was not a slave. Unfortunately, there were times when the the papers were destroyed and he was forced into slavery anyway. Thank God "they" can not destroy President Obamas' birth certificate.

  • Unknown says:

    I'm with you Rene. We will never be past race because people won't talk about it. They'd rather ignore race, as if you can ever move an elephant by pretending its not standing there.

    Trump has $$$ and a platform to spew his hatred. That's what MAKES me care. It should MAKE everyone care.

  • Anonymous says:

    I really could care less what Trump thinks about Obama. He has a right to his opinion and he doesn't have to support Obama. His opinion means nothing to me. I still support Obama.

  • Anonymous says:

    Has everyone forgotten that the birth certificate question has been around since Obama ran for president? Trump did not invent this conspiracy theory he just made people that don't watch the news pay attention to it. Republicans have mentioned his lack of a birth certificate for years, the Tea Partyer's egged it on, Sarah Palin promoted it and Trump was trying to capitalize on it. By producing the birth certificate Obama made a smart election year move. Why? Election year is coming and he shut all the stupid, petty, non-important issues down. So we can get off his race for goodness sake and get on his performance these last few years, our economy and the future of this country. Thank you Donald back to television for you. All the racially ignited, implied and imagined stuff is exhausting as well. All races and ethnicities are losing jobs,homes and stability. Obama in case we have all forgotten IS half white. More importantly he is our President. Can we please focus on that a little more

  • indigo. says:

    Just think about it. President Obama has to deal with the ignorance, bigotry, and pure stupidity of his colleagues, the media, and the people of this country EVERY DAY.
    He probably did this because he's tired of it. Why should he even have to endure 3 years of doubt in the first place? We all know another white president wouldn't have had to prove ANYTHING.
    The US is not past race and will likely never be "past race". Progress is not going to come easy to a nation that built itself on top of Native Americans using slave labor. Progress is on person at a time. And change takes time.

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