I wanted to share our experience with mini twists. We both needed a much needed break from hair so after watching KinkyKurlyQueen’s video (below) I decided to try them on A. Her mini twists lasted 1 month (although they could have lasted longer) and we both enjoyed them.

I think these would be great for little girls during the Spring/Summer time so they don’t have to worry about getting their hair styled every week and can just go outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. Mom also gets a break! 😉

I banded A’s hair overnight in 4 sections. The next day I removed the bands from the back section of her hair. Her hair was already parted from ear to ear. I took another look at KinkyCurlyQueen’s mini twist picture and decided I would part at an angle, or slant. See picture below.

I continued parting at an angle. This made the process go by much quicker. After the back section was done I moved to the top right section. I parted at an angle from the front of her forehead to in front of her right ear. I continued parting at an angle (or slant) the entire time until I was completely finished with her twists. I highly recommend parting sections off (about 3 or 4) and parting at an angle the entire time. Finish one section at a time.

These twists took about 6 1/2 hours to do. I used Bee Mine Luscious Moisturizer and Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (I was a little too heavy handed on the EVCO).

Fishtail braid on mini twists:

Twists curled with Curlformers:

After twists got wet from taking a bath (12 day update):

I braided her wet twists with Blended Cutie Down & Out Styles. She had about 7 sections braided. I left them in overnight and took them out in the morning for the crinkly look.

21 Day update: mini twists twisted back

You can view a few more mini twist styles on the blog. A’s mini twists got wet just about every day. I think that may have led to some of the tangles she had but they were all fairly easy to get out. Keep an eye on the twists near the nape of the neck, those tend to tangle more easily at the roots. I recommend putting the hair up and covering it at night. Overall it was a great experience and we already miss the mini twists! The take down was easy. I just wet her hair and added lots of conditioner, it took 2 1/2 to 3 hours.