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Curly Nikki

Sally Beauty Supply- Product Recommendations

By January 27th, 202143 Comments


  • acurlylife says:

    3C hair — GVP/Infusium 23 leave-in, Mixed Silk line(mixed chicks), Hair one (wen), One 'n Only-Argan deep treatment,GVP/Nexxus conditioner, GV/PM The conditioner. Noodle Head.

  • Anonymous says:

    I guess you could categorize my hair mostly 3b/3c with a small patch of 4a at the crown.
    I really don't do what you could call a twist out anymore, I found that it took too much curl out of my ends but I sometimes put in about 6 or 7 big twists at night or in the morning when my hair is kinda frizzy.
    I'm constantly learning about my hair and what works so here is some stuff from Sally's that works for me.

    Elasta QP Soy Oyl Shampoo and Conditioner Both the bottle and the deep conditioner which is in the jar.
    (Only protein I can use and it moisturizes my hair well but gives strength)

    Mixed Silk Leave-In (Defines my curl after washing but I use after my leave-in and before my moisturizer. This only works well right after washing. If you try to use it the next day or when your hair is dry it will flake up.)

    Silk Elements Olive Glossing Conditioner

    Olive Oil Eco-Styler Gel – This has given me the best definition and hold so far without drying my hair

    Wave Nouveau finishing Lotion (gives the best all day moisture and definition along with eco-styler)

    Generic Nexxus Therappe Shampoo and Humectress Conditioner

    Silk elements Oils (I use for only hot oil treatments when my hair is curly but I use a little daily when I flat iron it straight.)

    African Pride Moisturizer

    Motions Leave-In Conditioner

    Shine and Jam – works great on my edges

    Creme of Nature Professional Detangling and Conditioning shampoo

    Ion Heat protection Spray – Great for when I flat iron but I am doing this a lot less now.

  • Anonymous says:

    For a leave in conditioner Silk Elements Mixed Silk. And for everyday moisterizer Roots of Nature mango and cupuacu butter whipped coil creme

  • Anonymous says:

    Silk Elements Intense Conditioning Mayonnaise. I love this stuff for deep conditioning. It has cones but I don't care about products containing cones because it doesn't affect my hair in a bad way.

  • Anonymous says:

    Eco Styler
    Lustre Slick Stick
    Orly polish
    China Glaze polish
    Perfect Results Hair and Body Oil

    Interestingly enough, I wouldn't rec Sally's for hair accessories because they are pretty pricey there IMHO.

  • Steph says:

    ORS Edge Control! I have really kinky hair and it has worked wonders for me. Great stuff!

  • Anonymous says:

    Hair One for Curly Hair: Just started using it and it is great! I've used Wen before and this is an excellent low cost replacement. They have sample sizes for about $1.50. Great for trial and error!

    Hawaiian Silky Miracle Worker 14-in-1: great curl definer and moisturizer. It doesn't leave your hair greasy and it makes it really soft. Caution: it has cones and other undesirables, but I love it.

  • honeybrown1976 says:

    Ecostyler Gel (Argan oil, olive oil or the clear)
    Tangle Teezer
    Silk Elements Mega Silk Moisturizing Treatment (I use this to dc and I love it)

  • LovelyB says:

    I was going to buy the Tangle Teezer but from now I'm trying to only buy seamless…

    I don't shop products too much at Sally's (too much junk and not enough of the true essence0 but

    CURLFORMERS, nail polish, duckbill clips, bobby pins, hair pins/accessories, manicure/pedicure items, silk/satin scarves/bonnets

  • caracara says:

    duck clips, bobbie pins, plastic caps, the big tub of Ecostyler Gel, curlformers.

  • CurlsDivine says:

    Naturalle Biotera Ultra Moisturizing Shampoo and Reconstructive Conditioner. This stuff is the bomb. Your hair will melt in your hands with softness. It has some really great stuff ( ingredients) in it.

  • Wyletter says:

    I like the Tangle Teezer. It makes detangling so much easier.

  • Anonymous says:

    I like the results I gott with the ION protein treatment. For a cheaper price it worked just the same as Aphogee's two step recontructor.

  • Anonymous says:

    Hair One: I LOVE this stuff. I've tried the Normal, Dry hair, Dry scalp and the curly formula. I stick to the dry hair version. It has Olive Oil. I use this religiously, and can tell a difference when I ran out and just used what I had on hand. I just wish they had bigger bottles. Because I go through about a bottle a week. (I co-wash about 3 times a week)

    Roux 619 Leave in: This is another thing I keep stocked because I see a difference in my hair. It makes it easier to detangle. and I do notice a difference in moisture in my hair. I don't use this alone, I use a home made spritz.

    Tangle Teazer: Yup, broke down and bought two. One for my self and my 2 year old niece. We both stopped crying when detangling!

  • Tonya says:

    denman brush.

    i have heard good things about that "hair one" product. i am actually at my aunt's house now and she has some, but i haven't tried it.

    i don't really do sally's anymore since going natural…so many other products to buy that sally's doesn't carry.

    but, kudos on the denman brush.

  • LBell says:

    GVP Joico K-Pak Reconstructor has been a lifesaver for my fine strands.

  • Anonymous says:

    I just got back from Sally's lol. I don't shop there much but what I bought was:
    *metal duckbill clips for roller setting. These are the TRUTH! It make roller setting much easier because you only need on clip per roller unlike double prong clips.
    *a Denman d3

  • Anonymous says:

    Beyond the Zone freeze zapper, heat protectant spray, and for a roller set I recommend Beyond the Zone Noodle Head Curl Booster Spray my hair came out so pretty from that. Ecostyler Olive Oil gel as well.

  • Anonymous says:

    Silk Elements Liquid Styling Gel

  • Anonymous says:

    Sally's List
    *GVP – PM The Detangler *GVP – PM The Conditioner
    *GVP – Joico Split End Mender *GVP – Hair Reconstructor * Sulfur8 Braids Spray * ECO Styler
    * African Pride – Braid Spray * DOO GRO – Growth Detangler
    This is only Sally's list lets not even start with ethnic hair stores, Walmart, etc. If I read it in curly nikki I jump on it. Did I mention I still have box braids in my hair so I am unable to use half of the stuff I bought yet? But when I take these braids out of my hair in 8 weeks its on. I experimented with the GVP products prior to the braid and I liked how my hair felt.

  • Anonymous says:


  • Nichole says:

    I like the Nature Shine Spray. Has every oil you can think of mixed into one bottle. It's great for twist, braids, and oiling the scalp.

  • Anonymous says:

    I love Hair one for dry damaged hair, leaves your hair super soft and feeling cleaner than co washing. I just got braids and have been mixing with oil and a little water then spritzing my scalp-no more white flakes or dirt balls.

  • Anonymous says:

    Thanks for responding Danyelle! I was thinking of trying Wen and when I googled it I saw some naturals mentioning Hair One. I can't wait to try it.

    I like Sally's Argan Oil. It smells great.

  • Anonymous says:

    I like the Tangle Teezer and their argan oil products.

  • Danyelle says:

    Yes to anon "Has anyone tried Sally's version of Wen? I think its called Hair One." I love that stuff! I use the Argan oil one. It has a tingle in it that helps you get over the fact that you don't have any bubbles to cleanse your hair.

  • Randi says:

    Other than styling tools Eco Styler is the only thing I find in Sally's.

  • Carmel Stacks says:

    Gloves and plastic caps, dye applicator bottles, rollers, tangle teezer, rattail comb, nail polish, eyelashes.

  • Anonymous says:

    Has anyone tried Sally's version of Wen? I think its called Hair One.

  • Anonymous says:

    Magnetic rollers, flexirods, silk bonnets,bobby pins and Ecostyler gel (although you can get the gel at CVS and Walgreen's too)

    Im not too crazy about Sally's offering of the hair products like shampoos, conditioners -too many chemicals in them.

  • Jaz says:

    Mane n Tail Detangler! Tangle Teezer, Jilbere detangling comb, Eco styler gel , GVP conditioning balm, Mixed Silk deep conditioner…. Conditioning caps.. Flexi rods.. Perm rods.. Twisted Turbon hair towel

  • Anonymous says:

    Generic Nexxus Humectress, Mane n' Tail Moisture conditioner

  • shamigreen says:

    Proclaim Olive Glossing Conditioner, Tangle Teezer… OAN a Mr. Pumice (for a DIY pedicure) LOL

  • WineGrrl says:

    Hmm…the Tangle Teezer and a couple of the Silk Elements Mixed Silk (Mixed Chicks clone) products–the shampoo and the deep conditioner. I haven't tried the leave-in yet. (Note: That is a weird avatar and I must find a new one. It's Google's fault, LOL!)

  • Joy says:

    Silken Child Detangler (for LIGHT moisture) Silken Child Hair Lotion (For a medium to heavy amount of moisture) Eco Styler Clear and Argan…

  • Anonymous says:

    One 'n Only Argon Oil Restorative Mask

  • Anonymous says:

    ORS aloe vera shampoo and deep conditioner

    Beyond the Zone flat iron heat protectant

  • Anonymous says:

    Moisture (SP)

  • Anonymous says:

    One'n Only Mosisture Repair Conditioner and Restorative Mask

  • Anonymous says:

    Tangle Teezer, ECO Styler Argan Oil Gel, Silk Elements Heat Protection Spray and Silk Elements Megasilk Moisturizing Treatment (best DC I have EVER used)

  • Anonymous says:

    AKA Mara
    I would suggest the ECO styler when doing a WnG other than that…nothing; sorry Sally's

  • Curlock Holmes says:

    I like Silk Elements Olive Oil DC… now to find a leave in and a twisting product that I like!

  • Ms. Pillowz says:


    Best $10 I ever spent!

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