Hola Chicas!

The grandmas were getting antsy, so I brought G Butt back to St. Louis for a week long visit! Check out the view:

see that portrait in the back? That would be me, circa ’00… doing the most. Don’t laugh 🙂

I cut my hair, remember? In this pic you can see the length and shape a little. You can also see my sister Syl holding my friend’s 1 month old baby! And that’s my cousin (and BFF) Aubree next to me.
Grandma (hubby’s mom)
Grandma (my mom)

dry twist-out (on a week old roller-set) using less than a pea-sized amount of Salerm 21 per twist. I did not re-wet or add any water. I usually make around 11 twists and they are mostly dry to the touch once I’m finished.

humidity strikes…
my hair 5 hours later!

at night I either stuff it in a bonnet or re-twist using the same process. I chose to re-twist last night since it had lost definition and tangled in the wind.

the satin bonnet I found at Sallys. No elastic and lots of room for my hair.

I’ll check in soon!

Later Gators,