Lydia writes;

Dear Curly Nikki Community,

My twin sister and I love the blog. We check it almost daily! I am very proud to say that we, along with our mother, have finally let go of the perms! April 2011 makes one year without using any chemicals on our hair. My mother is very supportive and I am very grateful for this because I don’t think my transition would be going so smoothly without her help.

One thing that I am not happy about is the negative responses that we (my mother, my sister and me) have received. Some negative responses have come from family members, but many have come form people at school. I feel that high school is an experience that can be beneficial, yet challenging and difficult for some. The desire to feel accepted and liked is strong. When peers are judgmental and rude, it can be very discouraging and make the journey all the more difficult. Feeling that others don’t perceive you as beautiful is a horrible feeling. Besides that, I’m very active in school and extracurricular activities, and I don’t have much time for styling. And as quiet as it’s kept, dealing with curly hair is a bit more time consuming than straight hair.

I would like to know how other high schoolers have dealt with being natural while in school. Did you get positive or negative reactions? How do you respond and what keeps you determined to remain natural? Also, what is your hair care routine?