Eli of Love of my Life writes;

So, my last relaxer was in early July 2010, I transitioned for 6 months, and big chopped December 31st, 2010. And when people ask me, I tell them that I’ve been natural for 9 months strong. Because in my eyes, while I was transitioning, I was natural, my mentality was natural, I dealt with, and styled my hair like it was natural. Yes, it was harder to maintain, because of my relaxed ends, but because of my natural roots, I went through the same thing all naturals go through. Detangling, growth, moisturizing, deep conditioning, using sulfate-free shampoo, trial and error, products/styles, etc.

But over these last nine months I’ve noticed that most natural women and transitioning women see a difference in “Natural Hair” and “Transitioning Hair,” that I just don’t see.

So, my question to you is, is there a difference between “natural” and “trasitioning” hair to you? And if so, what is the difference?