1. Do you wet your hair at all?

What products do you use?

3. What do you do at night?

4. How often do you re-set?

5. Describe your hair texture

My responses:

1. I’ve done both (1) wet it (to just damp) before applying product, and (2) applied a small amount of product without any water. If I wet it first, the set lasts longer and is a bit more shrinky and piecey/defined, it also lasts for 3-5 days. If I don’t wet it and just add a little bit of product, I get fat, chunky waves that last 2 days tops.

2. CURLS Souffle, but more recently Oyin Shine and Define… thinking I may try Oyin’s Whipped Pudding or Salerm 21. Sometimes, I just twist with oil (Jojoba or Watermelon Seed Oil).

3. Some nights I’ll sleep with it out, other nights I’ll pull it up into a pineapple or back into a low pony, only to release it in the morning. On nights that it appears frizzy, I’ll re-twist with product, or just oil.

4. I usually have to re-set every 2-3 days.

5. S waves, fine strands, thin, porous

By the bye, I’m loving twist-outs done on previously roller set hair! It’s like doing a set on a blow out minus the damaging heat 🙂