Gaye aka Sweetdrk1 writes;

Hi Nikki,

I keep reading posts how folks are not supported when they decide to go natural and it made me appreciate how blessed I am. My best friend of 40 years is natural and she has been for 5 years running. She played a big part in my decision to stop perming my hair. I have to say neither of us ever had issues with our hair. We both had healthy hair even when permed. I can’t explain to you how good it is to not have to explain the lingo or to have someone recommend products because they KNOW your hair intimately. I often tell her I am intimidated by the henna and other treatments and she very fondly says “you don’t need it”. I can take that with confidence because we often do each others hair. She has been dying to wear a puff and when I was with her last…I helped her achieve the look. She allows me to shop in her closet…because you don’t know a PJ until you meet my best friend. LOL!

Included are perm pics of us! Her Stash and a video tribute to our friendship



Her BFF’s Stash… a PJ’s Dream!