Healthy hair is important to women regardless of hair type or texture. Do you know any woman who wants to walk around with bald spots or hair that is falling out and/or shedding excessively? Chances are you don’t. If not taken seriously, breakage can cause lasting affects on your hair’s health.

1. Hairstyles – If there is tightness or tension on your scalp from any style chances are you will suffer from severe breakage. Although hair is comprised of protein, keratin to be exact – it is fragile especially around the nape and crown. If there is tugging, pulling, pressure, tightness this can lead to bald patches.

From my own personal experience I can tell you that the way you choose to style your hair is important in preventing and/or minimizing breakage. Recently, I wore synthetic extensions styled in braids for two months. At the time, I had them done I was wincing in pain at the tightness of the braids on my scalp. I suffered major breakage at the crown of my head as a result.

2. Styling Tools – Excessive use of heat related tools like blow dryers, flat irons, curling irons, hot rollers, etc will weaken your hair’s cuticle. Limit the frequency of usage and minimize the length of time the heat is in contact with your hair. If you are using heating tools excessively make sure to deep condition your hair on a weekly basis.

3. Manipulating Wet Hair – If your hair is wet try to minimize its manipulation. Wet hair is more susceptible to breakage than dry hair. Use a detangler to reduce tangles and knots. Also, use a wide tooth comb to section and detangle. If a brush must be used, make sure to start at the ends and work your way up while holding your hair taut at the base.

4. Styling Products – The excessive use of chemical processes like coloring, straightening, and bleaching will dry your hair out if not maintained properly which will in turn cause, brittle, vulnerable hair susceptible to breakage. Limit the use of these products and be sure to condition accordingly when necessary.

Of course there are other factors that also contribute to hair breakage – such as illness and/or nutrition. However, these four factors are controllable by you. If you are able to minimize these causes you will be doing you and your hair a great service.

Have you recently dealt with breakage?
What was the culprit?
What are you doing to remedy things?