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Can’t Sleep? Try Natural Ways to Get Your Snooze On!

By January 27th, 20213 Comments

Can't Sleep? Try Natural Ways to Get Your Snooze On!

by Sherrell Dorsey of Organic Beauty Vixen

Since living in the Big Apple for the past four years, I’ve come to understand one important thing: sleeping is a commodity. Meetings, events, grinding, pushing and hustling are part of the norm of living in this concrete jungle. Getting a good night sleep is definitely a luxury. And when I don’t get it, I can turn into quite the unpleasant person. My skin looks terrible and dehydrated, the dark circles under my eyes deepen and my entire body has no energy to perform the tasks that I need to get done. Does this sound like you? This past weekend, I got caught up on some much needed beauty rest. Although I still worried about managing projects, finishing articles for OBV and the other magazines I write for, and cleaning up my apartment, it was the greatest feeling in the world to spend an entire day sleeping!

Sometimes we can get bogged down by the daily stress of life. All of those things we worry about each day begin to stew in our psyche, and subconsciously we continue to worry, stress and keep ourselves from quality rest. It’s a dangerous cycle. Insomnia can lead to depression, heart disease as well as the inability to function at your top level. If you’re having problems sleeping, try some natural techniques to help conquer the pillow and protect your health.

  1. Turn off the tube – I don’t even have a television in my room. Learn to keep your bedroom a sanctuary. Keep your room clean and clutter free so that you have a sense of peace before going to bed. Tune out the noises by turning off that glaring television!
  2. Wear a sleeping mask – Keep out the light at night with some extra help. Wear a sleeping mask to get that quality shut-eye even when the sun begins to show its face.
  3. Cut the coffee – I know you love it but caffeine can over stimulate your brain. Try having a cup before noon and drinking green tea throughout the day to keep your nerves calm.
  4. Pamper yourself – It’s ok to take some you time before bed. Take a nice hot shower with natural fragrances like lavender which are calming. Spray the lavender on your pillows and sheets before bed.
  5. Stretch – Work the kinks of the day out on a yoga mat before you retreat to your bed. Let your muscles relax and your mind focus solely on loosening your body.
  6. Brain dump – If you are a worry wart like me, write down your to-do lists, complaints, stresses and worries down before you go to sleep. Let your journal have it so that all of those things that are dominating your thoughts can be transferred from your mind and onto that piece of paper. I like to do this especially when I have deadlines, events or projects that are getting close and my anxiety is at an all time high.

Try these methods out to get a good night sleep. If you are still having issues, consult your doctor about other options to help you.

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Have you had sleep issues in the past and solved them naturally? Please share your story with me about the methods you used.

Sherrell Dorsey is a natural beauty expert, writer, speaker and advocate of health, wellness and sustainability in communities of color. In addition to creating, Sherrell writes beauty articles for Tyra Banks’s beauty and fashion site, Jones Magazine, and Posh Beauty. Follow Sherrell on twitter at and connect with her on facebook at


  • Anonymous says:

    i've dealt with anxiety to the point where i needed help. Hardcore cardio, cutting the coffee, none of that was helping. Anxiety messes with your sleep, throws you all off. So i saw a psychiatrist and went into therapy. Relaxation Techniques and meditation have helped sooo much. I get to sleep every night now. And sleep well too. Relaxation Techniques are applicable to lots of things that ail you. Since practicing Guided deep breathing and meditation I feel so much more at peace.

  • Anonymous says:

    Great article! Surprizingly I already do some of these things to sleep better.

    1. Never ever been able to sleep with the tube on! The "slightest" noise distracts me, sometimes I wonder if I have Human Ears; this can be annoying at times!!!:(
    2. If I decide to drink coffee (mostly if I've had a long night) I'll always drink it before 12; always have drank tea in the evening and night (very relaxing)for me at least.
    3. I always try to pamper myself! (i.e. pedicure, facial, bubble bath, put on nice night clothes and spray on my favorite perfume, sweet treat if you like (rich deserts are my downfall, lol), etc. you can do so many things. This dosen't have to be exspensive, i do most of these things myself!:)
    4. As I'm getting older, I'm noticing how IMPORTANT it is to STRETCH!!! Man if I go past a day with out stretching my body in some kind of way…BOY DO I FEEL IT! LOL


    1. The face mask; however when i go to sleep it's always dark in my house (no tv,lights, pulled shades, etc.) and No I'm not a VAMPIRE! lol

    2. The journal- I've heard about writing in the journal on many occassions but haven't stayed consistant. Maybe I'll try this brain dumping thing and see what happens. 🙂

  • Anonymous says:

    Regular hardcore aerobic exercise (earlier in the day) will make you sleep like a baby! It is also great for the heart, lungs, skin, body and mind.

    Meditation is also helpful.

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