I’ve Big Chopped about 3 times… most recently in October ’09. The reason this time took was because I promised myself to see it through, and just let my hair grow as is. It’s been a journey. Tears, frustrations, and head-wraps but I keep on keeping on. I figured, I made this decision and I owe it to the betterment (is that a word?) of my hair to do right by it. And my hair has rewarded me by growing beautifully, strong and so thick.

My current regimen: I have finally mastered Twist n curls (third attempt) so for now, I rock those. I also love wash n go’s. And since I live in Sweden, I learned how to braid my own hair with extensions, so during this past winter, I rocked that as a protective style.

I shampoo my hair once a week, and I deep condition every second week. I like to oil my scalp and ends after my wash and then again during the week. This seems to work very well for my hair as well as just leaving it alone. I recently did a (Henna) Indigo treatment in April that I want to do every month.

My nightly routine: I sleep with a scarf. I bun my hair and just tie the scarf around my head. I really want to try a bonnet, but for now, the scarf seems to do the trick.

Current products: My staples are: Amla oil, Shea butter, Caster oil infusion (mine has many other oils in it), Jasmine hair oil, Argan oil, Jojoba oil, Avocado oil, and Aloe Vera Gel. I also like Garnier Fructis strengthening shampoo. On a recent trip I may have gone a little overboard with products, buying up a few products from Ausie, several from the Herbal Essence’s line!

For more information about my journey please visit me at: http://afropeanqueen.blogspot.com/

I gotta say, I love your blog, and the CurlyNikki fam! I come here on the daily! So yep, you got a follower in Sweden!!!!!!!!

Bald in ’08

Shaved Head ’09

2011 Wash & go and Twist-n-Curl