Are you using silicones? Why or why not?

If so, how, and in which products?

How’s the health of your hair?

Were you ever on a CG (Curly Girl, no silicones, no poo) routine? If so, how does your hair compare?

CN Says;

1. Yep. Decided to experiment after avoiding them for a while and never seeing the results I wanted. The first product I introduced into my CG routine was DevaCare One… it had one silicone, Amodimethicone, and my hair loved it!

2. They’re in Salerm 21 (my leave-in), and in my frizz/anti-humidity serum (Philip B or Sabino Moisture Block).

3. My hair feels awesome. Smooth, shiny, and strong. I honestly feel that my fine, highly porous hair is able to hold onto the moisture better with cones than without. For me, the frizz serums do a great job of holding in the moisture from my shower and leave-in, rather than blocking moisture out. Either way, my hair looks good no matter the weather… usually.

4. I was CG for a year or more and my hair revolted. I could never get the cuticle smooth no matter what I did. My hair was dry, dull, rough, and split very easily. My hair today is smooth, shiny, healthy, and happy!