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Dr. Phoenyx on Rihanna’s ‘Nappy Hair’

By January 27th, 202164 Comments
NEWS FLASH: Rihanna Is Black And Her Hair Is Nappy! Really?!
Dr. Phoenyx Austin

Dr. Phoenyx on Rihanna's 'Nappy Hair'I’m a big lover of music and natural hair. And I especially love artists like Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu, and Jill Scott who proudly and confidently rock their natural beauty in the form of lovely locs and gorgeous afros. Not that I’m knocking other mainstream artists that don’t wear natural hair. But for me, it’s always refreshing to have something different and unique.

And speaking of mainstream artists and their hair, I recently read about an interesting exchange between Rihanna and one of her twitter fans. Apparently Rihanna had just released the official cover art for her new single. And after seeing it, one of her fans asked this “interesting” question via twitter: Why does her hair look so nappy?

Now the fan didn’t actually direct this question to Rihanna. But she surprisingly she ended up getting a very straightforward response from Ms. Rhi-Rhi. And here’s what Ms. Rihanna had to say: Cuz I’m black b*tch!

Now honestly, I couldn’t help but chuckle. The moment took me back to the much missed days of Dave Chappelle and Rick James skits. But I don’t want to get sidetracked. So let’s get back to the original topic: “Nappy hair.”

I think this twitter exchange was incredibly funny. And personally, I’m glad that Rihanna responded so matter-of-factly. Because honestly, her hair is the way it is because she is black. And what’s wrong with that? The original tweeter was actually non-black. And I’m certain that her “nappy” comment was intended to be a swipe at Rihanna’s looks. There are many non-black women who do view themselves as “superior” to black women because their “beauty” is more celebrated socially. And there are black women who desire so much to fit that “standard” that they would never want their hair to be referred to as “nappy.” The dynamic is set up to make black women think they have to “measure up” to other races of women.

The reality is that black people constantly feel a certain level of pressure to assimilate into mainstream culture. And I would imagine that the pressure is even more profound for artists like Rihanna who want mass appeal.

But overall, I’m glad Rihanna is accepting of her race and her hair texture. She clearly owns it. And I’m glad she confidently and unapologetically proclaimed it. It should be a lesson to many of us. Black women, and women in general, need to own who we are. And stop letting others define or degrade us. So what if our hair is “nappy?!” It’s that what because we’re black- and there’s nothing wrong with that!

What are you are thoughts on Rihanna’s response to the “nappy hair” comment?

Why do you think some black women have an issue with their hair texture?

Want to leave a question/comment for our writer Dr. Phoenyx Austin? Well head over to her Facebook page and follow her on Twitter. A phenomenal mix of brains and beauty, Dr. Phoenyx is a physician, writer and media personality who’s all about natural hair, health, and happiness. And she has been featured in Essence and has also appeared on popular shows like The Russ Parr Morning Show and The Warren Ballentine Show.


  • anonymous says:

    I"m Dominican and you should educate yourself before you make a comment like "
    Whether that lil mis-guided girl is DOminican or whatever" Lots of Dominicans, especially in my family, descend from Africans, our roots are a mixture of Spaniards and African. So some dominicans have straight silky hair with lots of natural keratin and some like me are kinky. I've lived in this country for 22 years since I was 8 and Americans never know the difference unless they hear me speak in my native tongue. Just an FYI that African American's aren't the only people of African decent with African features in the world.

  • Anonymous says:

    I am going to get a tee shirt made. I am lol.

  • Anonymous says:

    Rihanna just got a new fan in me. She's beautiful however she chooses to wear her hair.

  • Anonymous says:

    Wow what a racist comment. I can not stand it when Americans use terms such as "nappy" or lil suburban white girls using the word "ghetto!" It's just rude, ignorant and racist it makes me cringe inside. Non African American (maybe some African AMericans) dont really understand the history or context in which they are using the word, they're just saying it. Whether that lil mis-guided girl is DOminican or whatever she should be ashamed about what she said. Honestly, it doesnt matter if she says it to Rhi or a African American girl who goes to her school–it just plain unnecessary & stupid.

    Also, just because you're African decent doesnt mean u have nappy hair.Shoot some of the ppl with some of the best/diverse hair are from Africa! Rhi comment was stupid and senseless as well. Not only because she used "being black" as an excuse for her hair appearing to be"Nappy," but also because it was WIG. Really come on Rhi…how u let ya wig have frizzy roots on more than two occasions? I know I'm not the only one that look at that tattered red wig and wondered…"what's really goin?" SHe went from sleek and sexy to being in the Ronald Mcdonald family With all those millions (hell even with a good a gud buck) she could mos def. afford not to be defended her "nappy wigs" lol.

  • Anonymous says:

    First in regards to the 3:40am comment by @Dorian @ Big Apple Sky – ARABIC is a language, not people. Second what is "rough" hair…please enlighten!!!

    Lastly in response @Anonymous 4:17pm, what is a "a dumb hilarious caribbean woman answer" and should I expect every Caribbean woman to respond the same, or is it that I should be more so offended that you seem to think Dominicans are by IN (not and) large, confused people?!

    Sentiments/comments such as these are the epitome of why ninyabella's comment/question was even made!!! It's quite simple…ignorance. Not saying her comment came from a hateful place, I really can't speak for her, my point is people should be more aware of their words, the impact and assumptions they make.

  • Anonymous says:

    For real. I never saw that tweet coming ;)

    Keep hairstyles fresh & skin beautiful. 100% Silk! Silk hair wraps, Silk pillowcases, Silk DURAGS, Satin Pillowcases & more!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    I would also like a t-shirt with rhi- rhi's response in quotation marks and a pic of a big a$$ Afro under it! I loved her response and thought it was mad funny and so appropriate. Way to go Rhi-Rhi!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    I'm sorry but….ppl acting like it's really Rihanna's hair to begin with. It obviously a frizzy (cute) weave or wig sooooo yeah. I don't see why hair has to always be politicized in the "natural community". I understand and don't disagree with the article but…it's not quite that serious.

  • MarthaMcFlii says:

    I don't care what anyone says. Sine when is being black an excuse for a nappy weave???

  • Anonymous says:

    my response to nina bella's blog post

    I think u are a tad confused or maybe u just successfully confused me. you define nappy as follows: "Nappy to me means dry, coarse, unkept hair". Then u go on to say ur husband, ur sons and most folks in ur fam have 'nappy' hair or in ur words "dry, coarse, unkept hair". u also said u went to cosmetology school and know something about hair. so my question is why would u let ur husband and sons walk around the place with "dry, coarse, unkept hair" when u are qualified to fix it? also what does it say about u that u would sleep with a man with "dry, coarse, unkept hair"? LMAO in case u miss my facetiousness let me make it clear. it's ok to admit u wrong sometime. i totally got wat u were saying about rhi rhi bad weave but nappy wasn't the word to use. It's twitter, u thought u were being cute, wateva. rhi rhi gave u a dumb hilarious caribbean woman answer to a dumb question. just let it be boo. this revisionist history of what nappy means to u is just digging a deeper hole for urself.

    fact is she is from DR. they are by and large some confused ppl. lmao watch Prof gates Black in Latin America, the episode on Haiti and DR to get a jist of it.

  • Star says:

    Everyone has their own style. How do you know rather or not that this was the look that rhi was going for? I'm sure she saw her hair b4 taking this pic & evidently she must have been pleased otherwise I'm sure she wouldn't have choose this for her album cover. Therefore who are we to say that her hair looked busted and that she should fire her stylist! She has enough power & money to tell her stylist to do her hair over if she wanted to.This is probably what she wanted.

    As far as the nappy remark…well that's a whole other story. If she showed her natural hair or even had a afro -textured kinky weave/wig & that comment was made I would have been a bit more offended, but the truth is she had on sorta kinky hair that looks meant to be sorta straight/w/loose curls. That's not the average afor-textured hair. Not that the twitter's comment wasn't offensive, but we have nothing but ourselves to blaim in many ways. With alot of blk women walking around with hair that favors those women of other races, its no wonder why other races still think our hair is wrong because we steady hide ours to get their standard of beauty. We ourselves don't recognize & embrace our beautiful natural hair texture, why should we expect others to do such. It goes back to the saying,"If you don't love & respect yourself, noone else will." That is a true statement indeed!

  • Anonymous says:

    @LaMaraVilla the description below the article clearly states that the Dr is a PHYSICIAN. so ur comment is really kind of irrelevant

  • Anonymous says:

    ok Rhi Rhi's response made me laugh. she handled that trick like a true caribbean woman. it was a tweet, that should be the end of it. the fact that that turned into this here article is slightly disturbing. if we want to delve into rhi rhi back hand response and make it a rallying call, rhi rhi was wearing a weave at said time, a bad one at that and im sure both rhi rhi and the questioner were fully aware. the questioner described rhi rhi bad weave as nappy and natural females are jumping up about rhi rhi response like she the new natural hero. ppl please. "rhi rhi why u parading around in a bad weave" "cuz im black biatch". really? c'mon son lmao

  • LaMaraVilla says:

    Y'all do realize that being doctor doesn't mean that she is an MD right? Having a PhD in any area can afford you that doctor title . LOL

  • Dorian @ Big Apple Style says:

    I agree with anon 10:18. But I'm also of the opinion that the people saying that Rhi-Rhi is wearing a more textured weave/wig are probably people who are newbies to extensions or have never invested in quality hair that really does mimic AA hair. AA hair doesn't have to look fried out, stiff and over processed – which is what's going on in that picture. Every once in a while I flatiron my hair out and it wasn't doing what her's was. Based on the pic, Rhianna's hair/wig/extensions look like cheap "yaki" textured hair.

    I think this is also a case of poor styling. It's about the same as when I see all the Braxton girl's thin edges beneath their lace fronts (which by the way are usually HAMs…I should give them my hook up guy). Just because you have access to great (i.e. expensive) stylists doesn't mean that the stylist is better trained than the girl from around the corner. Just look at Naomi Campbell – she obviously has access to great stylists, but those stylists aren't doing her any favors. With this picture, Rhi-Rhi should fire her stylist and use the one that Beyonce uses. Regardless of whether you're rocking silky straight or more heavily textured hair, when you have access to "the best" there's no excuse for having a professional picture that looks like you did your hair yourself – and with minimal success.

    AND (yes I've worn tons of different colors and textures so I know all the excuses for trying to give her hair a pass) just for the record, yes a lighter hair color (i.e. the red she's been rocking) will display texture and look slightly rougher than a dark color for more textured styles (kinky curly, yaki, italian yaki or kinky straight) under the camera, but if you invest in quality hair, the change in texture will be minimal and still wouldn't be an excuse for what's going on in that picture.

    Bottom line, the girl was out of line for saying nappy, but Rhi-Rhi was out of line for trying to claim that "bad/crusty" hair is inherently a black thing. My hair doesn't look like that!

  • Anonymous says:

    I'm not sure how having an uncombed weave is considered to be embracing your heritage or natural beauty or whatever you want to call it.
    Rhianna wasn't wearing a kinky weave so that argument fails too. Matted down straight hair does not equal kinky/curly hair.

    There is a BIG difference between uncombed straight hair/straight weave and curly or kinky textured hair.

    I personally don't want my hair equated with unkempt hair/weave whether it's straightened or natural.

    On a side note, why do so you see so many people running around with uncombed weaves? What is their excuse for not brushing it out?
    I had long relaxed hair at one point and I'd have never run around with it out and uncombed…if I couldn't do it, then it would be a bun for me. But you figure, if the hair is fake, there is no risk of breaking it off so why not do it? Is it b/c the people wearing the weaves aren't used to all of that hair

    I think it is legitimate to question someone's credentials when certain kinds of advice is being given. So for this partical article, not so much, but I saw a previous article where Dr. Austin was telling people to use oil to prevent shedding, and that's not great advice at all, and in that case, knowing whether or not she is a dermatologist or other specialist is QUITE important. Just for the record, you would be in trouble if a pathologist had to deliver your baby, or if a opthamologist tried to work on your heart, so these things, believe it or not, do matter.
    Being properly trained (and disclosing your background) when you dispense medical advice or explain scientific principles is pretty important, and it's odd to me how many people will accept "voodoo" advice on the internet.

  • Anonymous says:

    Two crass comments from two crass people. SMDH!

    Nappy is not a positive word, this is my personal experience. The girl's comment was offensive and saying that her son's hair is nappy is no excuse. I feel sorry for her sons if that is the case.

    Rihannas' hair in question is not natural. She's is wearing a bad weave/ wig. Therefore, I agree that her response should have been "cuz i'm wearing a bad weave…"


  • Debbie Ese says:

    To all those stating that because Rihanna's hair was a weave her response was lame…well did it ever cross your mind that perhaps, Rihanna, a black woman opted to have a non-silky weave which looked more kinky/Nappy than what we normally see on black celebrity women?

    Case in point: Not ever Black woman who wears a wig or a weave wants the long silky straight kind that sometimes looks quite odd on them. Erykah, Jill and Lauryn have all worn kinky weaves or wigs as well. I actually think it highly ignorant to think that because they choose to wear such a weave it cannot be defended because it didn't grow out of their scalps. Please!!

    I suppose all you guys proclaiming that it is a weave/wig would at the same co-sign and defend someone like Beyonce who rocked a long blonde lacefront and had the nerve to appear in a Loreal hair commercial before a black woman who chooses to wear a weave or wig similar to her natural God given hair type.

    For the record, I actually thought Rihanna's hair looked nice on that cover and the picture fit in well with the theme of the new single.

  • Debbie Ese says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • SimplyAijalon says:

    I'm mad ol girl said nappy like its a bad thing! I'm nappy and happy! Cuz I'm black b****!!!!!!!! The Majority of blacks have nappy, kinky, coily, curly hair!!! If they didn't weaves and relaxers wouldn't sell!!!! #yeahisaidit

  • Dorian @ Big Apple Style says:

    Although ninyabella shouldn't have used the word nappy, Rhi-Rhi trying to correlate her crusty/dry-ish $10/a pack look-a-like weave with an excuse for saying "well it's nappy because I'm black" is a fail. I've worn all kinds of extensions – and LOVE the kinky straight extension which mimics AA hair when blown out or flatironed…and it didn't look stiff and plastic-y like in Rhi-Rhi's cover. After seeing the cover art, I feel like I should give her my chinese vendor's info so that we never have a repeat of that picture.

    2. AA's don't have the market cornered on "rough" textured hair. Because many of my friends and my bf's family are hispanic, I'm very used to seeing Dominicans/PRicans who are darker than me and require a relaxer and flat iron heat stronger than anything I ever needed. I can name a number of other races with rough hair – Indians, Arabic, etc.

    3. Even though she was giving a knee jerk response, Rhi-Rhi could have refrained from using the word "b*tch". I don't believe in calling other people that, and nothing is more hood-tastic than having a fight on Twitter. How can you seriously have an argument in 140 characters or less?!

  • Anonymous says:

    I want to give Rhianna a pat on the back. I think it was gutsy of her to address the question in so bold a fashion. I agree with another poster about nappy meaning kinky or coarse. Nappy hair does not necessarily mean unkempt or uncombed hair. I wonder what this individual meant when questioning why Rhianna's hair looked nappy. Did she mean it looked unusually kinky or did she mean it looked unkempt in general? I am really surprised that the conversation has shifted from Rhianna to Dr. Austin's credentials. too. I would say to the person who started the inquiry that the title of doctor does not necessarily mean a medical doctor. She could have a doctorate in sociology,psychology, law, history or any number of disciplines. Why be suspect of her credentials? If she had a doctorate in Gemology she would still be a doctor.

  • Anonymous says:

    (addition to my comment above)
    Don't get me wrong… I'm NOT offended if someone calls my hair nappy and it's coming from a good place. That's just not the word I personally use to describe natural hair whether it's 3abc or 4abc or d. I grew up with the understanding that when your hair is nappy, you can't comb it. So, to me nappy isn't a kind of hair, it's a state that your hair can be in. (ie, I need to detangle my hair or it'll get nappy.) I'm definitely not offended by the word though and if another natural uses the word to describe her or my hair, I wouldn't correct her or make a big deal about it.

  • Anonymous says:

    I think this is becoming a much bigger deal than it should be…it wasn't even her natural hair!

  • Anonymous says:

    Okay, I'm just gonna say it, Rihanna's response was LAME!! And everybody applauding her are kind of reaching…

    I know, we all wanna jump on her side because she proclaimed that she had nappy hair because she's black and we all love our nappy hair, but come on!!

    Her WEAVE is not nappy because she's black. Her WEAVE is nappy because it's probably synthetic. The girl couldn't see Rihanna's hair. She saw her weave. Now, we all might get up in arms when a non black says the OTHER N-Word (Nappy) but I think the girl just couldn't think of another way to describe the state of Rihanna's stringy, tangly weave. Yes, I know, it's taboo for people to use the word "nappy" as a negative term, but to many, nappy hair is hair that is tangled that a comb can't make its way through.

    Even though people are trying to empower the word "nappy" as a description of their natural hair, I personally don't view my hair as nappy. Nappy to me was my rough, unmoisturized new growth that didn't match with my then permed hair that snagged and snapped when I tried to comb it. My hair now isn't nappy. It's kinky, curly, moisturized, and I can comb it…
    (When it's damp or detangled!)

    If ya'll still want to use nappy to describe your hair, that's cool, but understand that nappy means different things to different people.

    I could see if Rih Rih was wearing the afro wig or her own… Hair, but we're all celebrating her saying her STRAIGHT WEAVE is "nappy" because she's black. I think most people who say, "I like Rihanna now!" are missing the point. I promise you, Rihanna won't be team natural NO time soon.

  • Anonymous says:

    My problem with Mrs. NinyaBella's question is that if Rihanna was not black, would she have even thought to use the word "nappy". NOOOOOO. I guarantee that she would have dug a bit deeper in her vocabulary and came up with a different word. Furthermore, I read her blog and her justification is still nonsensical. She justifies her question by stating that she is Dominican and her husband and kids have nappy hair too. First of all, what does that have to do with the price of rice in China?!?! Do you go around asking your husband and kids why their hair looks so nappy? It's so funny to me when people defend their outlandish statements by saying that they know someone of the same color, with the same issue, etc. If she thought Rihanna's weave looked a hot mess then she should have said, Why does Rihanna's weave look like a hot, damn mess. "Nappy" came to mind because Rihanna is black. I agree with Rihanna's answer because if you want to be disrespectful, you will get disrespected in return. Mrs. NinyaBella titled her blog, "when keeping it real goes wrong". LOL, well you were real and Miss Rhi Rhi was real too.

    Anywho, there is nothing wrong with being nappy if you want to own it, but for someone else to subject that title on you as a way of putting you down, it is understandable to feel the need to strike back.

  • Anonymous says:

    I think that it's absurd to question Dr. Phoenix's background; she is just a "Guest Blogger" stating her opinion. Don't you think that Nikki would have vetted her? Not everyone who attends medical school has to practice medicine. One of my cousins decided to become a hospital adminstrator and he's 36 with not much medical experience. Really, we need to fight the real battles and not start wars.

    Back to Tweeting Rhirhi…I think that the young woman could have phrased her questionn differently. Instead of "nappy" use unkempt, (if she knew that word), or uncombed, jacked-up (street lingo), or messed up. When she used "nappy" she went there (around the block and down the street). So she deserved the response. Like some of you said ask a dumb question…

    Interestingly I read something today about the changing standards of beauty in the U.S. due to blending of cultures / ethnicities. At one point pale skin, small lips, turned up noses and blond hair was "it." Now it's curves, full lips, dark skin and hair. So "nappy" is in folks. We don't need botox. Lol!

  • Anonymous says:

    No we can't simmer down until we understand the relevance of the question….. Come on now.

  • Natural-E says:

    I've embraced the term nappy, we've let it psychologically mess us up and we need to let it go in stride. Yes, sometimes people say this to demean black hair, but we know that our hair is not bad. You want to call it nappy. Fine. It's nappy and beautiful, every kinky coil of it. I think Rihanna was offended by the statement hence her response. I would have responded with something like: Wow, why ISN'T your hair nappy???

    -Evelyn of

  • Anonymous says:

    Check out what this chick says on her website:
    "What does being black have anything to do with an ugly weave/wig. Nappy to me means dry, coarse, unkept hair. It doesn't mean it has to be straight."

    "Everybody is jumping on the racist thing, first off Im not caucasian, Im hispanic. Full Dominican to be exact. My husband who is also the father of my kids is also Dominican. His hair is extremely nappy, so is my sons. Most of the people in my family have nappy hair. If you don't know what Dominicans look like.. Look it up."

    Stupid chick…when did full Dominican make you not racist. And based on her definition the majority of people in her family have dry, coarse, and unkept hair.

  • Anonymous says:

    Can people simmer down about the person who asked about Dr. Austin's credentials? What's wrong with asking the question? First of all, the only information that Dr. Austin has listed is that she graduated from medical school in 2008. People, you have to do a whole lot more to be a practicing physician than just graduate from med school. You have to do something called a RESIDENCY!! Since she graduated in 2008 she should be a resident somewhere since even the shortest residencies are at least 3 years. After you finish a residency, then you know some stuff. Finishing med school is a drop in the bucket in a doctor's career. You cannot legally practice medicine unless you are licensed, and most states require a residency program.

  • Aishah says:

    I'm offended that people appear to be questioning Dr. Phoenix's credentials as they relate to her stating her OPINIONS. So far the articles written by Dr. Phoenix have been articulate and thought provoking…neither of which requires advanced degrees. And if she's not giving medical advice then her being a doctor is actually irrelevant.

    Furthermore, just because you have a degree in something doesn't automatically mean you're any good at what you do! We should stop automatically respecting people's advice and opinions because they have a particular degree and start respecting them when the things they say make sense!

  • Anonymous says:

    Erykah Badu, and Jill Scott wear/wore fake hair so I don't know why they are mentioned as proudly rocking their natural hair.
    Getting a t-shirt with the bitch slogan on it is just another way to put the angry black woman syndrome front and center. Rihanna has bigger issues to deal with than her hair.

  • Anonymous says:

    LOL. Since when did nappy become a derogatory term? My hair is black 4a/4b it is nappy kinky curly all of the above. And Rihanna told that girl, lol. LOL.

  • sarah says:

    she wrote a post about it… like to see it, here it go!

  • DiJah says:

    I still dont like Rihanna's response.

    She did not have to call that young lady a b*tch.
    It was disrespectful.
    I dont get how people can get so comfortable with the word b*tch. I cringe everytime I hear a female refer to another female as a b*tch and I break into pieces everytime a man says it! Where i'm from (Jamaica), you call somebody a b*tch, that's fighting words. So yea.. regardless of what her fan said (let's call a spade a spade, regardless of what the young lady said, she is still a fan of Rihanna's), she should not have called her a b*tch.

    Now, in regards to the nappy hair comment. Let's be real people!! her weave/wig was nappy!
    Now..I dont know about y'all but I'm good on the word nappy. Everyone has a different definition of nappy, so what's the big deal?
    She was wearing a weave..I dont know about y'all but i'm not used to seeing nappy weaves. Her weave being nappy had nothing to do with her race!

  • AishaSaidIt says:

    @Sisou…tahhehehehe…you funny

  • Sabrina R Perkins says:

    I loved her response. It was straight up and to the point. The word 'nappy' has been and (it appears) to be viewed as a negative word but I find nothing wrong with the word, my hair textures or celebrating what makes me a black woman.

  • modest-goddess says:

    stupid question deserve stupid answers

    I'll take a size medium in that T-Shirt

  • islandreiko travels Reiko Jones Tel: 323-754-2608 Email: reikoj75@gmail,com says:

    some of these anonymous ladies need to chill out. stevie wonder can see that the girl was using nappy in a derogatory way and Rihanna responded to the diss. she's caribbean, and lots of caribbean women embrace all things nappy and african. btw, nappy really only refers to black hair, u can try to spin it for a white chick but…NO.

  • Sisou says:

    I think it was a excellent response regardless of Rhi's hair type. Some people call black women nappy regardless of whatever there hair is straight or natural! It is meant to insult but Rhi owned that sh*T. Good for her. I am on the t-shirt bandwagon too. But I would like a whole line dedicated to nosy non-blacks…
    *Why doesn't your skin get sun burnt like mine…
    Why don't you wash your hair every single day…
    Why does your hair look different than mine…
    Why do you talk differently than me…
    why do you hate my dumb questions…

    * yes I know these questions don't relate to all black people.

  • BKelz says:

    I thought it was funny the first time I read it on here yesterday and I still thinks it's funny today. And yes, I'll take a t-shirt as well! @ the 2nd question: I think some black women have an issue w/ their hair texture b/c 1) others may have an issue with their hair in its natural state and 2) they may not know how to properly take care of their hair in its natural state b/c they have been receiving relaxers since they were young.

  • Anonymous says:

    Ok lets make this clear, the DOMINICAN girl did say why her hair look so nappy. Buuuut I dont understand the argument on Rihanna part because ITS NOT HER REAL HAIR, ITS A WEAVE! Ok you are black but being black dont constitute having "nappy hair" or a bad weave. I love me some rihanna dont get me wrong but its this other girl opinion. She personally thought her weave looked nappy and the girl clearly said, "Im sorry but having that much money doesnt mean you weave should look like that" It has nothing to do with race at all. We all have looked at many entertainners and said, Quesha down the street do better hair than that and im sure she gets paid wayyy less. We all do it, if not all than most

  • Anonymous says:

    @ Anonymous 1:21… do you really think Nikki would feature a fraudulent doctor on her site as frequently as she does? Your google/researching skills obviously suck.

  • Anonymous says:

    No disrespect, but check your facts and learn how to google. You would have found out exactly who she is without having to come across as mean. And it did seem like you were attacking her. You seem to have changed your tone a bit now that someone else had brought it to your attention. Check the link to Essence Magazine

  • Anonymous says:

    Her facebook page.

  • Anonymous says:

    @Sweetdrk1 – medium please LOL!!

    To anonymous on the credentials – geez – what does that have to do with anything here? Maybe I'm misunderstanding your motives for asking about background but is the article any different than when any other blogger provides an opinion on anything hair related or not! Do you ever ask any doctor about your hair so I'm not sure why seeing Dr. in the title would make the opinions misleading.

    Anyhoo…..@Rihanna, as a fellow Bajan I'm not surprised that she is so feisty. On the one hand I want to say "Settle down chick, you don't have to stoop to that level to make your point"; but on the other hand – I totally feel her – crazy question requires an appropriately crazy response!

  • Anonymous says:

    No one is attacking this woman nor credentials. People simply want to know more about this woman who is now regularly giving advice and writing for CurlyNikki.

  • AishaSaidIt says:

    Rihanna is not natural, Badu is not natural, Jilly from Philly is not natural, L-Boogie is not natural (or maybe she is, well sometimes
    :-)). But other than that I thought it was funny and appropriate. It was like a "well…duh" momment. And I agree, getting back to basics there is nothing wrong with being nappy or black.

  • .:simplylizzy:. says:

    I definitely feel that the idiot girl had it coming. You ask a question in a condescending manner, you get a condescending reply. A black woman's hair is not any business but her own; especially in the case of another woman of another race. We don't have to look like you, and speaking for me, I definitely don't want to. Black will forever be BEAUTIFUL! :)

  • sarah says:

    firstly, it's Twitter. Twitter folks. actually, it's kind of awesome that we are turning a simple tweet into a full on discussion. i kind of feel that stuff like this should be laughed at and then forgotten.

    secondly, to say that other races/ethnicities aren't plagued by the word "nappy" is ignorant. Latinas, which i am assuming NinyaBella is, with curly hair are told their hair is nappy too. moreover, nappy has come to mean ratty, unkept, etc. not just those with curly hair, so i think she meant her wig looked terrible. i still think what she said was wrong and i applaud Rihanna for her response.

    thirdly, NinyaBella did @ Rihanna in her tweet so that's how Rihanna saw it and responded to it. she actually retweeted Rhi Rhi's OT, so it still pops up her Rihanna's mentions.

  • luvmylocs says:

    funny i had a guy ask me if my hair was nappy. he was sitting right there looking at me but anyway, i replied yes it's nappy and smiled.

  • Anonymous says:

    Wowzers, now we are attacking her credentials? *Sigh. Essence has a brief interview/profile on Dr.Austin if you care to look. Some people….

    Oh and I'll take a small tee please. And can I get mine with a chick with AFRO textured hair. I feel like saying that phrase on the regular.

  • Anonymous says:

    I think the dumb question deserved a dumb answer, which I think it was, though witty.

    However, it wasn't her hair (and even if it was, it is permed beyond recognition so clinging to race as to why her hair was not as "on point" as usual was just, well silly. In any event, it was just a bad wig…sooo….maybe her response should have been "Why thank you for candid question good madam, but I must advise you that in my quest to measure up to European standards of beauty I have donned this very expensive wig – if I do say so myself. However, on my way to this photo shoot I was caught in a rainstorm which frazzled my flat ironed tresses ~ Rhi-Rhi for life!!!" I don't think that would have gotten as many laughs though! LOL it's not that serious people.

  • Precious Henshaw says:

    +1 at Sweetdark1! I'll buy! I didn't mind Rihanna's response. A dumb question like "Ninyabella's" deserves an answer just like that.

  • Anonymous says:

    I would also like to know about this Dr. Phoenyx's background, how about an interview/profile?

    Regarding the topic at hand, Rihanna was tacky with her response and her natural hair is neither here nor there regarding that photo because she was wearing a wig.

  • Naturally Zee says:

    DITTO @ Sweetdark1!!!! I'll take a large as well

  • Anonymous says:

    I'm sorry but I think we need a little more information about your background. I'm not being a troll but every time someone claims a title I think its important that they explain what it means. Saying you are a doctor (which you certainly are) kind of implies that you have a higher knowledge of the human body than any average joe so your opinion should take more weight. But what type of doctor are you? You got your doctorate in 2008 but I don't see anything showing up in google about you actually practicing. Are you licensed? Did you specialize in dermatology or trichology? I think its important to be clear about your qualifications. Like CurlyNiki is wonderfully clear about her qualifications as a "licensed psychotherapist". So we know her hair advice comes from her own experiences. But at the same time she is board certified and can speak to the emotional side of hair. You are not giving medical advice here but you seem to speak/write a lot on natural hair issues and its a bit misleading if you actually don't specialize in that area.

  • Anonymous says:

    I think plenty of people have a problem with nappy, kinky, natural hair whatever you want to call it. We have older generations of black people who can't stand to see nappy hair. We have black men and women managers who won't employ us over someoneone with straight hair. We have black men with so much self hate they go out of their way not to date a black women much less a black woman with natural hair. I applaud Rihanna for saying you know what I'm black bitch.

    How many of our black stars name their Indian, Irish, white heritage then a little bit of black dead last when they describe their backgrounds even though they are just as black as flavor flav.

    I applaud Rihanna and hope that more black people start taking pride in who we are and what we look like. Next thing you know nappy will be the next big thing to be along with getting your lips injected,tanning, and butt enhancements.

  • Anonymous says:

    I loved it! There's a lot of confidence and strength to say that you have "nappy" hair…and I'm not even sure if I could do that. Good job Rihanna…I feel like sometimes it's better to show others (races) that we're accepting of ourselves including the hair, lips and nose than to fight against it which shows weakness.

  • GGmadeit says:

    I am waiting for the t-shirt! LOL I will take a large please..thanks!

  • Anonymous says:

    Nappy is used as an ajective where our natural hair is concerned. Meaning "kinky" according to Webster's definition. So in that fact Rihanna was 100% justified in stating that's her hair appears to be "nappy" This does not imply unkempt, just kinky hair. It was a great and totally appropriate response!

  • Anonymous says:

    I thought that her reply was priceless, when I first read this. I have since looked at the original article and from the twitter name, I presume that this young lagy is Latina or from Latina background and as a Latina woman myself I just have to SMDH!! at the absurdity and ignorance of her query.

  • Anonymous says:

    Any woman, regardless of what race they are, that has a problem with their hair, has a self-esteem problem that has nothing to do with their hair. I've seen white women with bad hair, but I don't see them calling themselves "nappy" because they are white. Rihanna made it seem like her hair was nappy because she is black. What does her race have to do with her uncombed hair? She shouldn't have made the comment any more than the person calling her "nappy". As far as I'm concerned, they are both ignorant.

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