CurliiMommee writes;

Okay ladies…

I’m looking for a good moisturizer. One that last for a few days… one that I don’t have to use everyday. So what product do you suggest?

CN Says;
I think my PJ’ism partly stems from my search to find that *ultimate* moisturizer. I’ve had great success lately with two very different products. Salerm 21 (full of silicones) used on wet or dry hair keeps me moisturized (if sealed in with an oil or frizz serum) for 2-3 days. This product leaves my hair soft but strong and as I said before, it’s one of the best leave-ins I’ve used in years.

Recently, I’ve had great success with Qhemet’s Cocoa Tree Detangling Ghee (still owe you a full review), sealing with their Amla Pomade. I’m talking 3-4 days of soft, supple moisture… as long as I sleep in my bonnet. These products, unlike Salerm 21, are made of juices and berries.

Both Salerm 21 and Qhemet’s Cocoa Ghee are great for dry setting. Neither are very wet, but both offer a bit of slip, smooth the cuticle, moisturize, and yield a defined, but soft set. And as long as I seal, I don’t have to re-moisturize but twice a week!