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Curly Nikki

Moisture for Days!- Natural Hair Products

By January 27th, 202117 Comments

Moisture for Days!- Natural Hair Products
CurliiMommee writes;

Okay ladies…

I’m looking for a good moisturizer. One that last for a few days… one that I don’t have to use everyday. So what product do you suggest?

CN Says;
I think my PJ’ism partly stems from my search to find that *ultimate* moisturizer. I’ve had great success lately with two very different products. Salerm 21 (full of silicones) used on wet or dry hair keeps me moisturized (if sealed in with an oil or frizz serum) for 2-3 days. This product leaves my hair soft but strong and as I said before, it’s one of the best leave-ins I’ve used in years.

Recently, I’ve had great success with Qhemet’s Cocoa Tree Detangling Ghee (still owe you a full review), sealing with their Amla Pomade. I’m talking 3-4 days of soft, supple moisture… as long as I sleep in my bonnet. These products, unlike Salerm 21, are made of juices and berries.

Both Salerm 21 and Qhemet’s Cocoa Ghee are great for dry setting. Neither are very wet, but both offer a bit of slip, smooth the cuticle, moisturize, and yield a defined, but soft set. And as long as I seal, I don’t have to re-moisturize but twice a week!


  • lydia says:

    Pura Body Naturals Sapote Hair Lotion and Cupuacu Hair Butter… I have the driest hair full of tight coils and kinks yet fine and this is the only product I have found that has been truly moisturizing to my hair. I'm talking touchably soft and not wet or oily. Run your hands through your hair soft. This stuff is the best.

  • Shelly says:

    I agree with MangoMadness…love the SheaMoisture Deep Treatment Mask, but i also have to add Qhemets is awesome as well as Oyin Burnt Sugar!!!! Love these items for my 4B hair.

  • Anonymous says:

    I've had the best luck with extended moisture using Kimmaytube's version of the Kinky-Curly Knot-Today leave-in. Before I used the Kimmaytube version, Knot Today wasn't that impressive as far as moisture goes-in fact I found it very drying — BUT mixed with jojoba & castor oils and aloe vera juice as Kimmay suggested…all I can say is wow-ee. Moisturized defined curls for days without adding much else. The hair feels very soft–not coated.

  • Anonymous says:

    Damnit Nikki…I was trying to get my product junkyism under control :P Then you go waving tempting products to go try and buy. *CRIES*

  • Unknown says:

    I think I just found a good one in Silk Elements Silken Child Silk Moisterizing Creme. I sealed it with my shea butter mix and my hair is moisterized for days!

  • mizcreativelyme says:

    miss jessies baby buttercreme. hands down, the best darn curl cream/moisturizer ever! some folks like it, some don't due to a few of the unmentionable ingredients that are deemed 'taboo' in the natural hair world. but my hair likes the product, a little goes a long way.

  • Anonymous says:


    pre poo
    use shea on moist hair (w/water and natural leave in like karens body beautiful hair ambrosia)

  • mangomadness says:

    Shea Moisture DTM gives my tightly coiled hair moisture for days. If they stopped making it I would be devastated.

  • Anonymous says:

    @Juceefroot i also like elasta qp olive oil and mango butter but my mom used it all up lol

  • Melinda says:

    That Qhemet Detangling Ghee is the truth!! I use that with Shea Moisture's Curl Smoothie and CD's Hair Elixir Oil. It works!

  • Nikki says:

    I love Oyin Handmade's Hair Dew Leave-in Conditioner. It is the best leave-in I've tried since my BC 6 months ago. It keeps my hair moisturized for at least 4 days depending on my workout schedule.

  • CashmereKinks says:

    cheap college student over here! i like elasta qp olive oil and mango butter. I've had it for only a few days but my hair feels amazing. it's about 7 bucks for the big jar.

  • Latoya says:

    Shea Moisture curl enhancing smoothie and seal ends with shea butter. Works great for my twists and twist-outs.

  • Anonymous says:

    Shea Moisture's Curl and style milk keeps my hair moisturized for days.

  • P.S. I love this... says:

    I use Oyin Whipped Pudding but I can't use it alone because it's way to heavy for my fine tresses. So I mix it with Suave Almond and Shea Butter conditioner and a few spritzes of S-Curl activator. I rub these three in my hand until it thins out the Whipped Pudding. This makes the consistency perfect for my hair. I do this for 4 sections and twist up and leave it for almost two weeks, it stays moist and shiny. Plus it detangles like a dream. Yay!

  • Bianca says:

    I use Crystal's Royal Secrets Herbal hair Rejuvenator for moisture. It is a wonderful product that I have used for almost 20 years…it's rich and nourishing!

  • Anonymous says:

    @ Curlynikki
    Have you ever tried Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose conditioner? Was wondering your thoughts on it…

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