Natural Hair Big Sisters

Natural Hair Big Sisters

2 years ago, when I first launched the forums, NylaCoils came up with an excellent idea!

*re-post from 12/14/2009

I have a suggestion based on a situation that I recently experienced. My mom knows that I am a natural hair fanatic! One day while she was at work, she noticed that a fellow natural could use some tips. She phoned me to ask if I would be willing to share some knowledge, and if she could give her my phone number. I gave her the okay. As a result, T, is now my natural little sister. We call each other to swap tips, where we found henna, and other styling tips and tools.

The natural journey gets lonely and I suppose, that is why your blog and the forum is so successful. We get to connect with you and so many others on the same road. I was wondering if we could do A Natural Big Sister Thread, on the forum?

Meaning, a transitioner could post that they are looking for a big sister to offer support when they get their BC. Or a TWA’er could post that they want a sister who has been natural for over a year. This sister would offer support and even show pics of their BC.
I think it would be another success for the Curly Nikki Empire!!

Nyla Coils

Are you a natural vet that wants to be a Big Sister? Or perhaps you’re a newbie that needs some guidance… either way, head over to the forums!