I am Your People writes;

One reason my friends won’t go natural is because they don’t have time to balance the maintenance of natural hair with caring for young children. I don’t have kids, so can the curly moms out there let me know what advice to give? Thanks!

CN Says;

Twists. Hats. Twist-outs. The occasional bun.

Those are my staples.

I used to style my hair twice a week, but now I’m lucky if I can squeeze in a monthly session. No longer ‘doing the most’, my hair is just as healthy, if not more. I’m going to modify and share my routine with you soon, but basically, I’m only wetting my hair once a month.

  • I shampoo, and deep condition once a month (henna if I’m motivated).
  • Rinse the DT, apply a leave-in (Salerm 21), a little frizz serum, and roller-set to stretch the hair.
  • After air-drying over night, or sitting under the dryer, I remove the rollers and twist the hair (10-11 sections) using a teeny bit of leave-in conditioner (Salerm 21 or Qhemet’s Cocoa Ghee).
  • I leave the twists in 90% of the time (rocking them under satin bonnets, under hats), moisturizing the ends just about everyday (with Qhemet’s Cocoa Ghee), and oiling with the Amla Pomade. I re-twist when they get fuzzy, and twist-out about once a week.
  • I sleep in a satin bonnet at night.

This routine keeps me sane, my hair moist, and allows a lot quality of time for (spoiled) baby G.

Yes, I agree that natural hair care maintenance can be time consuming, especially for the newbie. But just like everything else, if you really want it, and you’re motivated, you’ll make the time! Learning and applying the basics in a consistent manner usually yields awesome results.