Straight Natural No Chaser
by Dr. Kim Hodges

This past April, I celebrated my one year natural hair anniversary. However, my happy anniversary moment was soured by my most recent salon visit. Until this month (May) I had not visited a salon to have my hair straighten or ends trimmed. I was under the misguided assumption that my hair was fine in its natural state and that trims would not be needed as frequently. I WAS WRONG! My hair stylist had to trim 2 inches off to completely remove my split ends and the growth that I experienced in that past few months became obsolete. I was very upset with myself because in the past, before being natural I visited the salon every three months to get my ends trimmed. However, during my natural journey I spent most of my time focused on styling and using minimal heat. Now with all of the time and effort I spent using little heat and using sulfate free products, I did not pay any attention to the ends of my hair! I went 7 months without a trim and paid the ultimate price. I do realize that it could have been much worse and I am glad that my hair is healthy again but at what expense. I will never ever wait 7 months between my trims. My hair was past my shoulders and now it is above my shoulders. Wow what a difference! On a positive note, I know that my hair will grow really fast, and thanks to my loving stylist, I am already scheduled for my July appointment.

My advice to all naturals, transitioners, and relaxed ladies, get your ends trimmed. Don’t get caught in the myth that natural hair does not need to be trimmed! Your hair will be healthier in the long run. My stylist recommends that I get a trim every 3 months. I also know that with this type of schedule she will be able to trim more or less depending on what my hair needs during salon visits. The loss my length because of split ends has definitely helped me understand and appreciate the value of a trained -eye/professional stylist. I know there are naturals who have been trimming their own hair for years and have been successful, but I am certainly not one of those people. My type of hair has to be trimmed and that is the bottom line for me to obtain and grow healthy natural hair.

My stylist also had me bring in the products that I have been using on my natural hair. And because she has been my stylist for many years she was able to help me eliminate unnecessary hair products. I now have a small army of hair products which include Miss Jessie (MJ) Shampoo and Conditioner, MJ baby buttercreme, and MJ stretch silkening creme. I have decided that out of the many products I have tried MJ works best for my hair. I even called the MJ salon in New York to make sure I was using the products correctly! I informed the stylist about my hair needs and she suggested that I use the MJ silkening crème once a week when I wash/co-wash my hair and use the baby buttercreme to refresh/moisturize my hair daily. I tried this technique and it worked! This regimen has worked well for me and has helped me maintain a moisturized wash and go style.

In summary, please make sure you get your ends trimmed or at least make sure they are not splitting. Also make sure you moisturize your hair and use products that suit your hair needs.

CN Says;
Once, every month or two, I dust the ends (micro trim) of my twists, especially when my hair is more tangly than usual. I also conduct Search & Destroy missions regularly (seek out splits and snip just above them).

What’s your trim schedule? Do you do it yourself?

Have you had any setbacks (either related to unrelated to trimming)?