If You Want To Change Your Life, Change Your Focus

by Kim Jackson of Peace, Love, and Pretty Things

Often the things we dream/wish/hope for are right at our fingertips. We are just too busy focusing on other things to notice. If we would only dedicate the time and make the effort, we would be well on our way to achieving what seems impossible; instead we are distracted and looking for easy answers in all the wrong places: at the bottom of a martini glass, in salacious reality TV, or in a man (whatever our avoidance drug of choice).

There’s nothing anyone else can do for us that we can’t do for ourselves. This week, think about what you can do to propel yourself into the life you desire. Decide to do the research, make the phone call, or submit that application–in other words, take your destiny in your own hands.

Sure, you’ll need help along the way, and the right sources of guidance will be placed in your path at just the moment(s) you need them. But remember: there is no magic pill or potion–only hard work.

There will be moments where you break down and want to give up. Don’t. Keep pushing. The times when it seems the hardest test how badly you really want what you say you want.

We think because we want it, it should come easy. However, many of the best things–the ones that are truly worth having–are gained through trial. The things that come easily, often leave just as easily (ever heard the phrase “easy come, easy go”?).

Pouring your heart and soul into something will help you to nurture it. Going through the fire to achieve something will allow you to appreciate how sweet it is to finally be on the other side. My mother once said to me, “If it never rained, we couldn’t fully appreciate the sunshine.” If not for the dark side of a situation, we wouldn’t be able to recognize the light.

Take advantage of a new week and a new opportunity to shift your focus, rearrange your priorities, and re-dedicate your energy and resources to manifesting whatever it is you desire.