Hola Chicas,

It’s that time again… a virtual play date to celebrate the beautiful, curly babies in our lives! Click on the images to enlarge them:

My niece Kiara, age 6. Auntie did her first twist-out and she loved it!
We used HEHH to co-wash and twisted with coconut oil and aloe vera gel.

This is my 3month old son (he’s 4m now) watching lion king w/dad. I sprayed a little water & aloe juice on his hair & scalp to keep it moisturized. If he lets me, on special occasions, I’ll apply aloe vera gel. That’s it, thanks Nikki love the blog:)


Here is a picture of my daughter, Jocelyn, rocking her afro puffs! For her hair, I use Taliah Waajid’s Kinky Wavy Easy Herbal Comb-Out for kids or Miss Jessie’s Buttercreme..

Thanks and keep up the great work!

Isaiah on wash day. He usually performs his own deep conditioning treatment by putting yogurt in his hair, but not on this day.
Hi Nikki!!! I have two curly babies and unfortunately their hair isn’t showcased together in any one picture. First pic is of daughter, Ahmyah’s (8) hair after a washing. I keep it plaited or my new fav – twisted, because it tangles so easily. Here is my son Mason (4), just being his normal silly self! I am newly natural and don’t like taking pics of myself (ever) – yet!! No big chop, just kept it micro-braided because I chopped all my hair off and couldn’t maintain it. Two years later, I’m 98% Natural and adjusting!

This is Kamyah she just turned 7..she is rocking her natural curly fro..I condition her hair with Mizani Hydrafuse to retain moisture! Trying to get it to grow longer!

This is Zaria rocking her curly fro after being co-washed with HEHH, and Koils by Nature Shealoe leave in.

This is my munchkin Kingston (3 years old). He absolutely refuses to cut his hair and I’m A-ok with that. I just took down his braids and I normally allow his hair to roam free on the weekends. He loves it and everyone calls him little Maxwell (I prefer kingston)!
This is Tori. Her hair was styled using Shea Moisture Coconut Hibiscus Milk and Shea Moisture Hair Smoothie. This is the results of a chunky twistout.

Me & my daughter Ahri at a family Thanksgiving dinner 2010. Both rockin our curly fros (hers is a wash-n-go & mine is a twist-out)

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