Hola Chicas!

I’m sitting here at the computer, wine in hand, wearing my new hat. Boogie is sleep (hallelu).

On Saturday I Googled ‘summer slouchy hat’ and looky what I stumbled upon–

Cute, no? Exactly what I was looking for! I placed my order on Saturday and received it today. The cotton thread is sinfully chunky and looks just as fly in person as it did on the mannequin. Next up, chocolate brown, and perhaps a grey/blue one. This right here makes my tams from Tarjay and Claire’s look, well… cheap and common.

Whatcha think?! How do you feel about summer hats?

Hippy Chic!

Check out ThreadMill to get one of your own!

**Edited to add!**

Get a 15% discount if you enter the coupon code NIKNIK15… Instant discount via Etsy and PayPal 😀