Hola Chicas,

So I went clubbing for Mother’s Day. Don’t judge me. I hadn’t been out since New Years and have always considered drinking lots and dancing poorly (sometimes on the bar) the most fun a girl can have. So when the hubs suggested it Saturday, I was game. Feeling behind the times, I turned to Youtube to learn me the Dougie. It was a pitiful, pitiful sight. Apparently I don’t possess enough rhythm to dance off rhythm? Hubby kept saying, ‘you can’t teach an old dog new dougie’, haha. So after what felt like a strenuous workout, I gave up, took G to the sitter, got sexy-fied, unleashed the hair, and off we went. Still whipping the Mercedes… even valeted that ish. We never valet the Sat, lol.

So here’s a question, why, pray tell, would one think it a good idea to speed up EVERY song? I’m just saying. Other than that, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Never attempted the Dougie… but I was fresh ;0) The night went on, and after a couple of trips to the bar, and even more trips to the bathroom, I ran into two groups of fierce curlies (a bridal party too!) that recognized me and took some pics that I pray never see the light of day.

Yesterday, on my first Mother’s Day (thanks for the well wishes), I woke up to flowers, cards (even one from Boogie!), chocolates, and bath goodies. I spent the day recovering, watching movies, and unfortunately, finishing up my continuing ed credits for my therapy license. It was a peaceful day, spent with my two favorite people.

This afternoon, after running a bunch of errands, I took Boog to the park for the first time. We were both ready to go after only 20 minutes. Like mother, like daughter. She went from smiling to fussing, and I was ducking and dodging the bees. Check out the view:

rets ta go…

Mommin ‘it up…

Later Gators!