by GG of the Write Curl Diary

When I was a little girl, I discovered that I could get attention with my hair. Good attention, bad attention – it didn’t matter. People always had something to say about it. I was never the coolest, best dressed, or the prettiest – but my hair was always a distinguishing characteristic. So, I became very attached to it.

And to some extent, I still am. It’s a security blanket. My favorite accessory. My flair. If I were a flower and my body was a stem with leaves then my hair would be the petals. In this post, I express my desire to often hide behind my hair. I’m a work in progress and despite my most earnest efforts to love myself without conditions, it’s not effortless for me. I still feel inclined to rely on certain physical traits to make me feel beautiful. So, I ask myself – what if there was no hair to hide behind? I could lose all my hair for any number of reasons and then what? Would I no longer feel beautiful? Would I feel like a flower with no petals?

This line of thinking helps me to put it all in perspective. While my hair is an outward expression of my love for myself and the temple that God has given me, it’s a temporary fancy. What will always remain, however, is the wisdom and self-knowledge that I gain from expressing myself through my hair. So, however you choose to express yourself – remember that it’s not about the thing itself. It’s about what you learn from committing to be authentic in your efforts and detached from the need for approval.

So, what does your hair mean to you? What do beauty and style mean to you? In your efforts to “feel pretty”, how do you ensure that you don’t lose sight of what’s really important?