Long overdue? Sorry. But I’ve been super busy, super tired, and also wanted to make sure I genuinely liked the routine before posting! In sum, I ‘do’ my hair once a month, bi-weekly at most. I’m in twists 90% of the time, and add rollers to the ends to rock a (dry set) Twist-n-Curl every now and again. My hair is almost never out. Moisturizing and daily oiling are key components of my regimen. I must say, I’m pretty happy. I originally arrived here because I love the volume and chunkiness of a dry twist-out… my laziness to re-style resulted in long stints in twists. It’s been an amazing time saver now that ‘momming’ is my top priority, and I like that it’s totally functional, allowing me to ‘get cute’ at will. So here goes;

Every third Saturday of the month, I remove my twists, and-

  • Apply a deep conditioner and/or oil to my dry hair, apply plastic cap and heat cap for 15 mins.
  • Hop in the shower and rinse thoroughly.
  • Thoroughly saturate hair with water in the shower, and divide into two (left and right).
  • Cleanse hair with shampoo– one side at a time.
  • Apply a slippery conditioner to both sides in a smooshing motion (usually Aussie).
  • Pass my head back under the shower stream for a second, for better distribution and added slip.
  • Clip the hair up and out of the way while I complete shower rituals.
  • Take down the right side and finger detangle a bit — detangling the rest under the water stream with Ouidad Double Detangler after the big knots are out. Follow up with the left side. If the conditioner is washed away and tangles are left, I add more conditioner, and repeat. The power of the water stream and the slip of the conditioner should make detangling a breeze! *Since my hair was previously detangled and in twists, this step takes no where near as long as it used to!*
  • Hop out of the shower and allow hair to dry for 15-30 minutes… blot with microfiber towel. Apply a leave-in moisturizer and oil.
  • Stretch the hair. Depending on time and mood, I will either (1) make 8-10 chunky twists or braids- 4 or 5 on each side, (2) roller-set, or (3) blow dry hair in sections on warm, concentrating on the roots, and skipping the ends. **This step is to stretch the hair for the ‘real’ style**. You could also pull the hair into a bun, do cornrows, or band. I like to roller-set… and it’s usually a piss poor set because I’m rushing.
  • Allow to set until dry. If you blew it out (and didn’t wet set to stretch), proceed to the next step!
  • Take down the twists (or braids or rollers) and finger detangle if necessary. Divide hair into two. I now prepare to twist my dry hair.
  • I do 10-11 twists total, 5 on each side (two in the back, one above my ear, one framing my face, and one immediately behind that one), and one at the crown.
  • Start with the back- left side. Finger detangle to smooth, apply a pea sized amount of your chosen moisturizer, and twist. Move on to the next one. I’ve learned that using a water based product gets the job done just fine… for me, adding water results in frizzier twists and a frizzier set.
  • Complete all twists in the same manner– adding your moisturizer of choice along the way.
  • Once all the twists are complete and slightly damp (from the moisturizer), I tie on a satin scarf, leaving the twists dangling, but the crown secure to control the frizzies. I then tie on my satin bonnet.

  • I leave my hair in twists 90% of the time, rocking them under my summer hats, or pulled back. Nothing fancy.

To maintain the twists-

  • Re-moisturize at least twice a week, re-twisting frizzy twists whenever necessary
  • Oil EVERY.SINGLE. DAY. It keeps my hair soft and pliable.
  • Heated moisture/oil treatment at least once a week

For when I wanna get ‘cute’ (once a week usually)-

  • Add moisturizer to the ends, and roll the last few inches of each twist on a skinny flexi rod.
  • Allow to fully dry
  • Remove the rollers, and release the twists
  • Apply a pea sized amount of Aveda Anti- Humectant Pomade
  • Fluff and go!
  • Later that evening or the next day, I re-twist using the steps above


Shampoos I’m using-

-CURLS Curlicious Curls Cleansing Cream
-KeraCare Natural Textures Cleansing Cream
-Elucence Moisture Benefits Shampoo***

Deep Conditioners I’m using-

-Jessicurl TooShea
-Curl Junkie Rehab Moisturizing Hair Treatment

Leave-in I’m using-

Salerm 21

Moisturizers I’m Using-

Qhemet Biologics Cocoa Tree Detangling Ghee***
CURLS Curl Souffle

Oils I’m Using

Treasured Lock’s African Argan Oil Elixir (unscented… I like that it’s non-oily, but has more of a serum consistency which helps with frizz, hold, and truly locks in moisture. I’m talking seriously SMOOTH and soft hair.)
Burts Bees Nourishing Baby Oil (full of porosity reducing ceramides)

Serums/Anti-Humectants I’m Using

Sabino Lok and Blok
Aveda Anti-Humectant Pomade***

Tools I’m Using-

Ouidad Double Detangler (in the shower)
Fingers ONLY, throughout the month
Flexi-rods for dry Twist-n-Curl (I use the smallest size… turquoise… $2 for 6 at local BSS)
Jumbo Magnetic rollers (if I roller-set to stretch)
Andis Blow Dryer (if I blow-out to stretch)

Heat Cap

I own the ‘micro heat cap‘ which has been discontinued in most places. But a very similar product can be purchased HERE… I now have one and like it better than the old one!

***absolute favorites!


-A note on stretching- Remember, the blow dryer is our frenemy and should be used minimally… once a month at the most. The look of a twist-out on blown out hair is unmatched… very Joan Clayton. BUT, I would reserve it for special occasions. If you don’t have time to do a wet set (rollers or twists) to stretch your hair in preparation for your dry set, you can blow dry your hair on warm, concentrating on the roots, and skipping the ends. Remember to use a heat protectant, Sabino is a great one!

-I believe this routine works for me because (1) I no longer workout (scold me later!), and (2) I don’t have a true 9-5… my chunky (and in my case, scalpy, lol) twists are worn around town, in the house, and to my appointments with clients that I’ve worked with for years. If I had to be ‘in public’ more, I’d feel the need to change up my look.

– I’ve learned that applying the wet product to my loose, dry hair, can sometimes cause tangles and matting, but applying it to the twists prevents the drama. Thus, I often apply the moisturizer AFTER I twist.

-If you noticed, I apply my deep conditioner and leave-in to damp (not wet) hair that has been gently blotted. This prevents the excess water from diluting the effects of the conditioner.

-If I’m feeling fancy, the night before my monthly washing, I’ll henna. I missed last month, but have plans for a June henna session!