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Best and Worst Athlete Hair– A Wag of the Finger

By January 27th, 202135 Comments

Best and Worst Athlete Hair-- A Wag of the Finger

Angela writes;

I came across this article by on MSN and thought it was interesting. While I agree with the article on some of the hair styles (Purple and Yellow Ron Artest? Really????), I couldn’t help but notice that every single natural curly ( no matter the race) was labled “worst” and most of these are men! I mean how in the world could Troy Polamalu make any “worst” hair list ?! Ridiculous. Serena made the “best” list because her wavy weaved mane was carefully pulled back and pinned down (at least that’s what I think 🙂 Take a look at the others…

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CN Says:
CONspiracy… racist much?

Weigh in!


  • Erin says:

    I don't care if this article is almost 5 months old: Troy Polamalu on the worst list? Just, no. And this is coming from a Browns fan.

    What is so great about Anna Kournikova's hair in that pic (aside from being blonde and straight?)

  • Anonymous says:

    How is Troy Palamalu's hair the worst???? Somebody please make me understand!

  • Anonymous says:

    I read this and I was offended but unfortunately everyone has their own opinion. Apparently there are people out there that thinks that a weave(Serena Williams) is better than having ethnic hair. I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed that everyone in the article who had ethnic hair was considered those who had so called bad hair. It's not nice to make comments about features that people were born with. Natural hair is beautiful, it is not an affliction. Shame on this person.

  • Anonymous says:

    MSN NOR Foxsports can be expected to be anything BUT patriarchal and eurocentric.It's what they do. And they do it well.
    OH. And for the record, David Beckham's hair SUX!

  • Rhonda says:

    I was thinking the EXACT same thing when I saw the article…and Troy's hair as one of the worst? GTFOH I'm curious of who the author is and how he/she rated each person.

  • Anonymous says:

    My article made it!!!!!Thanks for the post Nikki 🙂 What I took from the article was that anyone who does not portray the Western American standard of beauty is ugly and needs fashion "help". There was a mohawk on the worst list as well. If Serena's hair had been braided she would be on the worst list. They found a pic of her that specifically fit the conservative Fox model of beauty. I am a Huge sports fan and see athletes of all races and hair types during competition, but this was blatant bias toward natural hair, textured hair, and I was appalled as I saw pic after pic of curlies on the worst list and straight, sweaty, greasy straight hair on the best. LOVE David Beckham but his hair was greasy in that pic so did he make it for his looks or for his hair?Anyways awareness people…awareness is always good. ~Angela

  • Anonymous says:

    Sorry but his hair is a hot mess!

  • Anonymous says:

    I know for sure, I read wrong when they said my husband (I wish!) Troy Polamalu's hair was "Worst Hair!" Um, why is that? Ricky Williams, why what's wrong with his hair? As for everyone else, yes, their hair looked horrible (not Ricky White, or the guys with the Mohawks, and Carlos Valderrama). It's not about being racist, it's being honest (in my opinion, and I'm not racist, or biased, I have curly hair myself). It looked horrible, Serena included.

    Now, as for FOX they should have never even addressed this topic. Especially with highly textured being on the list. Like I said, I don't think they were looking at it as being biased or racist, they may have had no intention of doing that. They were just being ignorant by wasting their time talking about hair, and sports (knowing-Serena's-hair-looked-a-hot-mess-with-edges-out-of-control!). But, that's freedom of speech.

  • Anonymous says:

    This article went from biased to RACIST as soon as they labled Troy "mycurlsareinsuredforonemilliondollars" Polamalu's hair as bad, GTFO. I didnt even realise that they labled the hair best and worst because the descriptions seemed pretty neutral to me. anyone who's hair strayed from the norm was labeled as bad as if that message isnt running rampant in our society already smh

  • Anonymous says:

    …didn't read the article from FOX but I got two words for his hair…HOT MESS!!!

    he looks like an NBA player so I am sure he has money and a publicist…so there is no excuse for this look.

    and as far as FOX labeling the curlies/naturals worst, we all know FOX is racist so of courst they would say that.

    but, oh do we know the truth. we are the cutest!!!

  • Bianca says:

    Yes this article is horribly racist…biased…and unacceptable!
    Some of the natural hair I liked, some was un-styled or a strange color, but for all of it to be labeled worst hair is ridiculous!

  • Bianca says:

    Yes. Racist. Biased. Unacceptable!

  • Anonymous says:

    Who cares what one writer/editor thinks?
    In my opinion, everyone's hair looked pretty jacked b/c almost all of those pictures were taken while they were in the midst of a game or event. And a lot of the afros were no in my opinion, examples of nicely maintained afro hair. I've always thought Ben Wallace's hair needed help. I hope it looks better when he's dressed up. My uncles sported huge afros in the 70's and they would have never left the house looking like that. Dry and messy, I'm not going to defend that just b/c it's big and he's a black man.
    And for the record, I think that some of the other afros on the list aren't the best. I don't know why young guys today can't keep nice afros like their dads had in the 70's.
    I hate Tom Brady's long hair. Gross. And I dislike the bleached blond hair on both of the guys with big hair.
    But I'm confused why a lot of the commenters here cannot tell the difference between Serena and Venus Williams. I think it makes it look like you didn't bother to read the article and look at the pictures.
    I also find it telling that the commenters are quick to defend the curly heads specifically, which as I'd already said, weren't at their best here. Why do only Troy and Carlos deserve to be defended? B/c they have stereotypically "good hair."
    I'm a bit more bothered by that.
    In real life, some people will love your hair, and some people will hate it, but one article is hardly a sign that all people feel one way. Someone was given editorial control over this piece, so recognize that and move on…

  • Anonymous says:

    This article is a little biased but I got to agree with them,most of the men have bad hair. Apart from Troy Polamalu who should of got best hair because he has beautiful curls.

  • BKelz says:

    Whoever wrote this article is crazy! Like really??? Everyone with kinky/curly hair had hair labeled as the worst! Did you all not see how perfect Carlos Valderrama's hair looked??? Seriously??? Did you not see how bad (and I do mean bad) Tom Brady's hair looked??? And I'm not saying it always looks like that but damn! That pic is horrible. I can't go on…stupid list…narrow-minded "writer".

  • Anonymous says:

    I'm extremely disgusted by this post. And nowhere could we leave any comments. This was clearly racist and the weave Serena was wearing was just a slick move to say her hair was "best"…um really? Not even her hair. Thanks. Derek Jeter is dang near bald…and Polamalu has WORST hair?? Are they kidding?? I couldn't even find an author or whomever posted it, but this should go down just like the Psycology Today posting did.

  • Niah says:

    Bottom line is this….FOX anything is racist! Period…point blank.

    But to add on, in society, anything not related to or look like the european straight or wavy hair is considered ugly, bad, worst, nappy or unacceptible. Its extremely sad, but that has been poisoned in the minds so much that it has gotten into the minds of children.

    We know the truth…black hair is beautiful! Unlike european hair, we can manipulate our hair to do many things along with straightening it if we so choose to. The others only discriminate against the things they wish they could have and try to immitate til this day….thick backside, full lips, dark skin….need i say more?!?! So since they cannot do these things naturally, they try to make it seem like a bad thing. So sad. At the end of the day we're WINNING! LOL!

  • Courtnee' says:

    I laughed so hard when I saw Venus's jacked up weave labeled "best" while Troy P.'s gorgeous curls were labeled "worst." Was the autor blind?

  • Anonymous says:

    Troy????? SERIOUSLY???? (that is almost fighting words) lol -Micaiahty

  • Anonymous says:

    Seriously, Troy has bad hair? I don't even understand this because I love the man's hair. I don't like this list. I mean, Sean White has bad hair? Why because it's curly and red? And since when are dreds a bad style choice?

    Guh, stupid.

  • Anonymous says:

    My opninon? Who cares what FoxSports or anyone else thinks about natural/curly hair? We don't need them to love, like or approve of our hair. And why put wind in their sails by posting their biased nonsense on a great website like Curly Nikki? Let's focus on the positive and post our own "Best Hair" slideshow, featuring beautiful, awe inspiring natural styles.

  • Anonymous says:

    It isn't too hard to figure out the race of the person who wrote this article..smh

  • Anonymous says:

    Yea it's definitely biased…smh so according to them anyone with natural/curly hair has the worst hair? Horrible

  • Anonymous says:

    I must say…some of the worst hair styles were a bit scary looking! But there were a few curlies with AMAZING hair (like Troy Polamalu). I don't think it was "racist", but there was definitely a bias against curly/kinky hair.

  • Anonymous says:

    Messed up, but I believe it. I recently had someone melanin challenged tell me that when she first saw this one person, he was scary to her "because you know, he had dredlocks". I was really taken aback and recalled this person stating before that everyone probably thought this guy committed this crime because he had braids. I wrote off the person's first comment because it's true, a lot of people would assume that, but I've been thinking about it differently since the dred comments. Messed up. So many of these people dont even know they're being racist.

  • ~Roni says:

    It seems like anyone that shows their personality through their hair is labeled "bad hair". I wonder what does the hair look like of the author of the list???????

  • gs says:

    Yes… this would fall under the category of "I'm not racist but"… They conveniently nominated "barely black" Derek Jeter for best hair… yet no other black men had that title, while several white men were able to pull it off… One of several ways racism and sexism collide. All the more reason natural black men and women need to unite at least on this one issue.

  • Anonymous says:

    Yeah…umm… that was uber-racist. They had Danica Patrick's greasy, sweaty, limp pony tail as "best hair"? Or Anna Kournacantplaytennisbutihavebreasts's dry, over bleached mess? But Troy's gorgeous ringlets and Randy Moss's thick, springy, soft, epic fro make worst? Wow


  • BlackAngel says:

    I just left and it's worst than I thought!! I actually just left there. ALL the afro type hair styles, individualist hairstyles AND curly hair was deemed BAD! But hey.. Venus William's PERM made the cut.. Dumb asses…


  • BlackAngel says:

    I noticed that too. I saw it on MSN's front page. I was like.. What's wrong with his hair?! he looks like a lion! RAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRR!!!

    Sorry… I was having a moment…

    Anyway, FOX news has always been on the "highly whitey side" They care nothing for things that are ethnic in any kind of way.. ANY ETHNICITY that is not European.. FOX will instinctively hate it.. FOX news anyway… Also views that are not conservative or Republican.


  • Anonymous says:

    Im calling them out.


    Not our fault God gave us Fantastic dramatic look at me when i walk in the room hair. Racists only did that, cuz they want what we got. When some ppl cant have something they spend there lives trying to tear it down and distroy it. Fox sports is stupid. This was so racial targeting. Smh w/e. I get my beauty from God not from the media"s guidelines.

  • Anonymous says:

    I agree with Ms. Nikki.

    This is some bull$hit Lado…

  • shasha says:

    A little surprised at the article. A weave makes best hair but natural kinky hair in any style makes the worst list? wow.

  • Chimmy says:

    You did it again, I was thinking of once again messaging you about this horrible msn post. Ok first of all anon 9 39 it is a clear cut line between european standards of beauty and the God given glory that is african hair. I was so infuriated by this post, but I did not know whether to message you about it.

    First of all, everyone that they said had the worst hair was cleary not "white." The only person that they said whose hair was best was Serena and it was in a practically white hairstyle. Also I believe they only did that in order to be like, "I'm not racist, I have a black friend," type of thing. I don't know how to explain that well. But you find people who will blatantly say racist remarks, look down on others that are of another skin pigment other than white, but say that they are not racist because they have a black friend. That's how this msn post came across to me. Another big thing I have with this is, practically everyone of the athletes that they said had the worst hair, had a beautiful healthy head of hair. It angers me so so much that they constantly ridicule and taunt beautiful curly/kinky hair. The one that made me gasp in horror was Troy Polamalu's hair I freaking adore his mane, especially after watching the commercial that he was in. It looks so healthy and just plain gorgeous! I would loove loooove looooooove to play with his hair lol.

    So yes, the msn post is horrible,and honestly the hair that they said was the best looked like a nasty dead thing on their heads…Yeah I'm fighting back by being mean…yeah..You can give me the side eye lol.

  • Anonymous says:

    Wow why does it seem that best and worse hair went down clear racial lines. It seems as if a person's hair doesn't meet certain European standards it's viewed as bad.

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