I’m back in the Lou! One of you (the producer named no names) reached out to KMOV’s ‘Great Day St. Louis’ and told them about the site… they booked me for today, a day strangely enough, I had already planned to be in town. So thank you, anonymous STL reader :0)

Check out the clip:

My hair–
So remember the Orlando pics? Yeah, I have yet to wash my hair, lol. I simply re-twisted using Qhemet’s Cocoa Tree Detangling Ghee, and sealed with Burts Bees Oil. Every night I’d re-moisturize, apply oil, and wear my heat cap for 10 minutes. Yesterday, I released the twists (they were in for a little less than a week), to allow it grow in size prior to the interview, and applied a little Aveda Anti-Humectant pomade. I slept in my bonnet last night and rolled out of bed this A.M. with fluffy, happy hair.