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At times I suffer from what I like to call ALC, also known as Ashy Loc Syndrome. Since I could remember, I’ve always had extremely dry hair and scalp. My mom would “grease” my scalp with the coconut gel (you remember the one that came in the jar and was blue) and give me hot oil treatments with a bottle of V05.

My other tried and true moisturizers were Luster’s Pink Lotion, castor oil and a host of other gunk that left my hair shiny but also with massive amounts of residue.

So what’s a kinky-hair girl to do to add some hydration to her luscious locks? Head to your kitchen! After spending ridiculous amounts of money on moisturizers, masques and the like, the only thing that I’ve found that works for me is the same thing I use to suatee my veggies and mositurize my skin …. olive oil.

Mix up your own home-made hair moisturizer in several different ways to keep you hair shiny, healthy, soft and hydrated without dropping major dough. I do a daily dousing of extra virgin olive oil on my hair. I pick mine up from Trader Joe’s for less than seven bucks and spread it easily through my locs and massage it into my scalp. I don’t have issues with the oil breaking out my skin or being too greasy to do the other things I need to do. And to think, I’ve wasted so much time on things that didn’t work, all I needed to do was open the cabinet!

Here are a few of my great tips and tricks for using olive oil for your hair.

  • Hydrating Spray – Grab a spray bottle, fill it half way with water and add three table spoons of olive oil. That’s all you need… Oil and water (what most of our products are made of anyways…. go figure). Shake well and use daily to add moisture to the hair. Spray liberally. You can always make more!
  • Scalp Renewal – Give your scalp a little bit of love by using a dropper to apply olive oil directly to dry areas. Massage into the scalp and feel the love.
  • Deep Conditioning – My friend and I came up with this little dry hair trick. After shampooing hair, douse your hair with olive oil and cover with a plastic cap for 20 minutes. Rinse out and run your hands through your super soft mane.

You can add rosemary, lavender, sage and even a few drops of your favorite tea to customize your scent. Have fun with your eco-beauty and budget-friendly moisturizer.

Do you have any haute home remedies for dealing with dry natural hair?

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