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Curly Nikki

Lazy Day Wash and Go

By January 27th, 202118 Comments


  • Anonymous says:

    Your hair is so beautifull! I gotta try this tomorrow. Beautifull hair.

  • Anonymous says:

    It wouldn't work for me either. trying not to be jealous….

  • Anonymous says:

    Loves her hair and videos, but this wont work for my 4b hair! it will certainly lose the definition from the twist out.

  • Cherie says:

    One of my favorite youtubers! She's got beautiful hair and an awesome personality, I love her!

  • Anonymous says:

    I have always loved her videos and am so glad that she is getting so much recognition. Great tut and style option!
    Jada07 aka moodindigo7772

  • Anonymous says:

    I have often wondered if I was the only one who tried this or not! I love how my hair looks on wash day after I've had a twist or braid out in. So when I wash and go I do not brush or comb or even finger comb. It always stays really detangled too, its no more tangled than a regular braid/twist out when I do get around to detangling.

  • Anonymous says:

    Great video and I agree with what everyone has said about Naptural85. Nik, this is crazy though! My post on this morning was about Exercise and Natural Hair as I've been back to working out 5-6 days a week (2 days hot yoga … can you say sweaty mess? love it=) since January!

    I don't think my fine, wavy hair would survive Napturals85 approach, but I have my own strategies=):


  • Curly Cubaminican says:

    Love it! I must say I enjoy all her youtube videos.

  • Anonymous says:

    Your hair is amazing '85, lol. I want to grow up and be like you, lol…

  • Angela says:

    Your hair is so amazing. I can't wait until mine is as long as yours. We have a similar stretched curl pattern. Your video was very helpful and well made. I work out at least three days a week, so these tips will definitely be put to good use. You also have a nice smile and it was nice to see your cute personality shine through. Thanks!

  • Anonymous says:

    Gorgeous hair and gem of a person. One of the few YTs I have observed who does not get tired of requests or answering questions. I agree with anon @ 12:30, she needs to do consulting.

  • Margaret says:

    I love Naptural85!!! Her upbeat, positive personality and sincere willingness to share and help others is uplifting and refreshing. Her videos are always informative not to mention she has a beautiful mane.
    Keep up the good work and we look forward to seeing more.

  • TiAnna Mae says:

    This girl has some beautiful hair!

  • Rayna says:

    Your videos are terrific. I look forward to my hair getting longer so I can utilize some of your strategies. Thank you for your time, effort, and insight.

  • DrChuck24 says:

    I knew this video was going to be on this website after watching it yesterday lol….I love how simple this was…

  • Anonymous says:

    First off, THANK YOU for sharing your hair styling information and experience with us.

    I love this video- for a number of reasons!!

    Your hair is extremely healthy AND gorgeous.
    You obviously work out regularly and are very fit.
    You are natural and don't make a big deal out of managing healthy hair while maintaining a regular fitness regimen. It appears that your fitness routine is an integral part of your life, as is healthy hair.

    You sound very intelligent and informative – rather than being unclear and longwinded.

    LOVE IT!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    I don't know what you do for a living, but Ms. Naptural85 you are in the wrong business (please take this as a compliment). You should start a hair consulting business, take your hair knowledge on the road and do some seminars!

  • Anonymous says:

    Her hair is ridiculous! Love it!

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