by Angela of

I had a “Mr. Brown” moment a few days ago. I said “self”, myself said “huh?” “Why don’t you do a Yahoo search for WiseCurls to see what pops up?” So, being the curious person that I am, I did just that! For the most part, I was pleased, as nothing too out of the ordinary arrived on the search engine. That was until I clicked on the second page and found this question proposed by a curious girl: “Would you date a girl with dreadlocks?”

Most of the answers were negative (hence why I will not place any shine on them within this post. But if interested, please visit this link to see some of the responses). The overall consensus of those that participated in this question was that dreadlocks (or locs) looked dirty. Another participant stated that “(dreadlocks) just weren’t their thing, but twists, afros and other natural styles are nice.”

My first reaction was: “WOW – Oh NO they didn’t!” But after about 5 minutes, I pulled myself (and my thoughts) together and thought about the bigger picture: The Misconception(s) of Locs. Then I thought, wow, for anyone considering embarking on a loc journey, what direction could something like the answers to this question steer him or her in? So below are some things I’ve learned along the way to address this misconception.

WiseCurls Truth:

  • Having locs requires one to wash their hair (shocker, I know!). I recommend using a shampoo that has a great lather and leaves your hair feeling squeaky clean without stripping oils and luster from your tresses. Click here for a review of my favorite shampoo.
  • Having locs or being a loc wearer does not make one dirty NOR does it mean that your hair is dirty. Like with any (natural) hair style, having locs requires maintenance and time. During the re-twisting session, I recommend using an alcohol-free gel or light pomade to keep locs moisturized. My absolute favorite is Taliah Waajid’s Loc it up gel.
  • As with many natural hair styles, having a night time routine is essential for preservation. I recommend covering your locs with a satin bonnet. This will ensure that locs are kept lint free.
  • Help keep locs moisturized in between re-twisting sessions by spraying your tresses with a vegetable based mist. Oyin Handmade’s Juices & Berries is great for keeping locs looking fresh.
  • Finally, keep scalp moisturized by using a light hair oil. Taaliah Waajid’s African Healing Oyl is AWESOME for the scalp.

So if you’re thinking about embarking on a loc journey, remember that it does require time and maintenance like it does with having loose & natural tresses. There is nothing “dirty” about having locs and is simply just another way to rock our hair in a Naturally Brilliant way.