First, thank you for being such an inspiration to women everywhere! My name is Kenya and I’m the creator of the blog At 31 weeks pregnant (beginning of March), I had a maternity photo shoot. I actually big chopped after 5 months of transitioning in January. I knew I would go natural when I became pregnant (one day) so it was no surprise to me. I didn’t want chemicals from a relaxer getting into my blood and possibly harming the Munchkin (Khloa). I even ‘prepared’ the hubs even though I’d been telling him for years that one day I would be going natural. It surprised a lot of my friends and family that I BC’ed especially because I was preggie. However, I embraced my new TWA and proudly rocked it. It was important for me to do this for my daughter. I want her to learn first hand from that me that her natural hair is beautiful. 🙂

Just thought I would send the pics along as inspiration for someone who may be preggie and transitioning!

Wanna see pics of Kenya’s bundle of joy?! Click HERE!

Anyone else out there preggers and transitioning? Or preggers and newly BC’ed?! How goes it?