Hi Nikki,

First, thank you for creating Curlynikki.com. It has been a tremendous resource for women around the globe. I started following you about a year ago when I first made the decision to become natural. I am now 100% natural and I’ve just celebrated my 1 year anniversary of being natural. I appreciate every bit of advice, stories, and experiences you and members of the CN community have shared.
I’m a singer/songwriter and I wrote a song about natural hair. I wanted to share it with you and the CN community. It’s called “The Natural Hair Song.” It’s about celebrating natural hair and all its beauty and diversity. Click here to listen: http://soundcloud.com/anitra-jay/the-natural-hair-song-1
If anyone is interested, you can get this song for free @ http://facebook.com/AnitraJay.
Thanks again so much for your site and all you do.
Happy Curls – Anitra Jay