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Curly Nikki

On the Couch with Andrea Bordeaux

By January 27th, 202141 Comments
Remember the CBS Sports short posted on Monday?

I’m excited to share that the gorgeous lead- with her flawless skin and perfectly coiffed tendrils- is On the Couch! Her name is Andrea Bordeaux, and she’s no stranger to the camera. This model/actress has appeared in national commercials and landed spots on NBC’s ‘Law and Order: Specials Victims Unit’, and MTV’s ‘The Buried Life’! She’s talented, gorgeous… and yes, NATURAL!

CN: Your hair is ridic, tell us the back story.

AB: I’ve been natural for 3.5 years. I got my first relaxer when I was around 10 or 11 and wore my hair relaxed until right before I turned 21. I tried to ‘transition’ but only lasted about 2 months. I was desperate to see my natural hair so I just chopped off one night at about 3 o’clock in the morning. My hair texture is mostly 4A, but the hair at my edges is very loose, either 3A or 3B.

CN: Have you always liked your natural hair? If not, how did you come to embrace it?

AB: No. When I first big chopped and it was very short, I LOVED it! Then about 6 months later it got to this weird middle stage and I couldn’t do anything with it and I couldn’t keep it moisturized for the life of me. It was struggle and I had to fight the urge to cut it really short again. Also, I have MAJOR shrinkage. When it’s shrunken, it looks like it’s only 3 or 4 inches long, but it really comes past my shoulders. Shrinkage and knots are what I like least about my hair.

On the Couch with Andrea Bordeaux
CN: What is your current routine?

AB: I don’t wear my hair shrunken because if I do, I will get thousands of single strand knots (SSKs). SSKs have caused me 3 set backs where I’ve had to cut off several inches of my hair. Now, I keep it moisturized and twisted at all times, even when washing. I wash every 2 weeks, sometimes once a week if I’m not extra lazy. I don’t use shampoo, just conditioner. If I need to clarify my hair, I’ll rub baking soda throughout my hair or do an apple cider vinegar rinse. I’m not very particular about what conditioners I use unless it’s a deep conditioner. I try to maintain a good balance of protein and moisture so I’m more careful when it comes to what I use to DC with.

CN: How does your routine change when you’re on set? Do you always style your own hair?

AB: I wear a half wig 99% of the time in order to protect my hair. The majority of set hair stylists that I’ve encountered are unskilled when it comes to natural hair unless it’s very loose curls. Before I started wearing the wig, these stylists would have me looking a hot mess and I would have to sneak into the bathroom to do damage control. I’ve had two different stylists damage my real hair to the point where I had to cut off entire sections. Two months ago, I did a shoot where my real hair was straightened and had a few tracks added. When styling my hair/weave, the stylist cut off almost 4 inches of my own hair. My hair was prepped the day before the shoot so I didn’t even notice the drastic length difference until I got home. He took me from APL to just above SL. The shoot was very high paying so I guess it was worth it. However, I was told that my hair would be trimmed, not sheared off!

Stylists don’t care about the health of your hair, they just want to achieve a certain look. When I wear the wig, they just fluff it a bit and tell me I look good. They are always relieved that they don’t have to work on my hair.

Also, as an actor/model, it’s very important to have consistency. I have to look like my headshot at all times. Every natural knows how unpredictable our hair is. My hair is very susceptible to the elements. NYC gets very humid (and it rains a lot) and can cause major shrinkage for me, even after spending 2 hours on a braid/twist out. The shrinkage was causing a lot of SSKs so, last October, I started wearing my half wig as a protective style. I found one that closely matches my texture and I leave the perimeter of my hair out when wearing it. This way, my look is very consistent, quick to acheive, and I still get to rock my natural look while protecting my hair. Prior to my last on-set setback, I’d gained about 4-5 inches of retained length in about a 6 month period, so my hair has been thriving.

CN: How did you achieve the style in the CBS Sport vid?

AB: I’m wearing my half wig. Sorry to disappoint y’all!!

On the Couch with Andrea Bordeaux
CN: Wow! Amazing. I want one! Any recs for places to find ‘convincing’ kinky curly half wigs? Dish!

AB: My wig is not really a half wig, it’s a full wig that I’ve cut to fit me as a half wig. I use bobby pins to secure it. I cut off the bottom “track”. I also cut out one of the middle tracks and sewed the gap closed to make it smaller. It’s called HH Afro Curl. I think the brand is Suprema. Lot’s of beauty supply stores carry full wigs that resemble most natural textures. It’s rare to find a half wig for textures in the 4 range. I’d recommend searching the internet first. When you find a wig you like, search YouTube for review/tutorial videos on the wig. Almost every wig out there has a video of someone wearing it and noting their likes/dislikes.

I also would recommend buying a full wig and cutting it the way I did so that it fits you well and leaves plenty of room for you to leave the perimeter of your hair out. Also, to make it look more natural, you have to frizz the hair out a bit with a brush or rub it with a dry towel. People NEVER know I’m wearing a half wig unless I tell them.

CN: What are your must have products?!

AB: For tools, my best friend is my Ouidad detangling comb. It’s huge and heavy (don’t ever drop it on your foot!) and has two thick parallel rows of teeth. It glides through my hair and gently removes knots and shed hair.

Product-wise, extra virgin coconut oil and aloe vera juice are my staples. Right now, I’m really in love with the Shea Moisture brand. I use the Curl Enhancing Smoothie and the Deep Treatment Masque. I love Organix conditioners and right now, I’m loving Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths Replenishing Mask. It reminds me of the Pantene Relaxed and Natural Deep Conditioning Mask that was discontinued a couple of years ago.

CN: How do you protect your hair at night?

AB: I always cover my hair with a satin bonnet or sleep cap.

CN: What’s the best thing about being curly?

AB: Definitely the versatility! I can wear my curls in their naturally tight form, or I can twist/braid out to get a looser curl. I can also flat iron or blow it out for a fluffy fro. Or just go bone straight. I love having options.

On the Couch with Andrea Bordeaux

CN: I found myself admiring your skin during the CBS short, what’s your regimen?

AB: As far as my skin goes, my regimen is pretty simple. Drinking lots of water, eating healthy foods, and exercising is a great start. But specifically, I do the following twice a day: I thoroughly cleanse my skin using cleansing cloths that come in packs of 30. These cloths remove makeup/dirt/oil really well. Olay Daily Facials Deep Cleansing Cloths are the brand, but I actually use the generic version from CVS. The CVS brand has a better texture (and they’re cheaper) than the Olay, and gives me better results. You can use either if you don’t live near a CVS. I don’t like pre-moistened towelettes because they always contains oils and fragrances that leave a residue on your skin. These cleansing cloths are dry and you have to run them under water and lather them up.

After cleansing with the cloths, I wash with Aveeno Clear Complexion Cream Cleanser. Then I use Neutrogena Clear Pore Oil Eliminating Astringent. I just take a cotton pad, pour a bit on and swipe all over my face. After it dries, my final step is to moisturize with Ambi Even & Clear Moisturizer with SPF 30. Unless I’m wearing a lot of makeup, my regimen takes less than 5 minutes.

CN: What would you tell a woman who has yet to embrace her natural hair?

AB: My oldest sister just big chopped a few weeks ago and has been asking me for a lot of advice. The number one thing to remember, in my opinion, is that going natural requires a mental transition as well. The mental transition is much harder than cutting off the relaxed hair. You have to train your mind to forget everything it’s been taught about what is beautiful and socially acceptable. You have to decide, with certainty, that you are beautiful as you are.

You also have to choose what is best for you and don’t let anyone make you feel bad about your choices, not even other naturals. If you only want to wear your hair in twist outs or flat ironed or in wigs, that doesn’t make you any less natural than the woman who prefers an Angela Davis fro or a shrunken TWA. We’re all in this together!

CN: Tell us about your current or upcoming projects!

AB: I just recently shot a one-liner on HBO’s “How To Make In In America”, the episode will air this fall. I’ve also recently shot ads for Morgan Stanley, Citi Financial, Puma, and Verizon. The summers are usually pretty slow for TV, but casting for episodic season starts in the couple of months so hopefully I’ll be auditioning for some cool shows!

On the Couch with Andrea Bordeaux
CN: Is there anything you’d like to say to the community?

AB: I’d just like to thank you and all of the readers for the kind words and support. Hopefully, I’ve been able to help someone out today. Happy Hair Growing!

You can keep up with the stunning Andrea on her website, or Blog.


  • Anonymous says:

    Our hair journey is so "the same" it's good to know I'm learning and growing my hair based on what's good for it not others. Thank you for the inspiration with your beautiful self.

  • Anonymous says:

    meant to add that it's inspriing to see someone with hair like mines. Thanks!

  • Anonymous says:

    Loved this interview Nik and Andrea! Thank you both.

  • Anonymous says:

    Andrea, you are one of the most BEAUTIFUL WOMEN I have ever seen. YOU ARE MY INSPIRATION!

  • Tiffany says:

    I have to say as a darker-skinned, coily-haired natural, it's so wonderful to see this woman's beautiful curls presented in such a positive light! It really makes my heart sing and makes me sooo excited for when I'm done heat-transitioning (my hair's been heat trained and I'm growing it out like any other transition). Thank you for coming on the couch!

  • everythingiric says:

    You're stunning. Congratulations on your achievements, and thank you for sharing your hair and skin journey.

  • Anonymous says:

    Beauty and brains, it doesn't get better than that! This celebrity interview was refreshing because her answers to all of the questions had substance.

  • Anonymous says:

    maybe one of the most beautiful people i've seen in my life…best of luck!

  • Sarah says:

    she's BEAUTIFUL

  • Candace4life says:

    This is a great interview, and I love the hair and makeup that Andrea has on as well. I like how she answered the ?s so honest and left with a warm hearted feeling. Thanks for sharing this and continued blessings in your career.

    Also for those ladies that are into braids/flat twists Prettydimples01 just came out with this pretty style to do. It's called Side Braid Twist Out Video and here's the link

  • An American in Europe says:

    Hey Andrea! I remember you as Abordeaux on LHCF! Good to see you are still beautiful as ever and making strides with your career. Much success!

  • Andrea Bordeaux says:

    Hi ladies!! I'd like to thank all of you for the wonderful compliments and the support. It really feels amazing to know that you guys are feeling what I do and can gain something from my experiences.

    @Sweetlady: You asked about my makeup in the third photo. My makeup was done by a makeup artist so my memory is a bit hazy. I know for sure that the blush is Nars in Orgasm. The lipstick is Victoria's Secret but I'm not sure the name of the shade. I think "rose" is in the name, and the tube was pale, maybe light green, with a leaf engraved on the top. I remember that much because I fell in love with it too!!

  • Marissa says:

    gah!!! you just got a new fan :)! the advice andrea gave about it being a mental transition when you go natural is so true…you do have to make a mental decision. your hair is gorgeous (i know this has already been established) and you really did help this natural out ;)


  • Maria says:

    Hey! I remember you from the LHCF back in the day. So glad to see you so successful. You look beautifulas always.

  • Anonymous says:

    I'm about to go find that curly wig!!! My natural hair texture is actually very close to the one she is wearing…

    ugh she's so beautiful!! and I remember her being really awesome (and smart) on lhcf….

    keep doing your thing!!! we'll make sure to support you!!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    She reminds me a lot of me and my journey, (except for the fact that I don't work in TV!)from liking the TWA, to not knowing what to do in the middle stage, to the wigs (I wear natural wigs all the time!) on down to her skin regimen (I also exfoliate, but what she says really works.) Great interview.

  • Anonymous says:

    Beautiful woman!

  • Anonymous says:

    You're BEAUTIFUL!! I love your hair too

  • keisha says:

    Cute hair and gorgeous skin!

  • Anonymous says:

    Okay, I sooo now want to got out and buy a big, curly wig!!! But, think I'll save it for fall/winter as I used to wear this cute, little bob wig with bangs and that joker was hot during the Summer! LOL!! Gorgeous woman and great interview as usual Nik!!


  • Margaret says:

    Andrea Bordeaux is absolutely beautiful inside and out!!! I am so happy she is succeeding with her aspirations and goals in the Modeling and Entertainment Industry. It is not easy for people of color aspiring in that profession. Excellent interview and truly inspirational. Andrea, I am so proud. :)

  • Anonymous says:


  • Bree says:

    She's so gorgeous!!!!

  • Jeannette says:

    Loving this interview! She is so sweet. When she said, "If you only want to wear your hair in twist outs or flat ironed or in wigs, that doesn’t make you any less natural than the woman who prefers an Angela Davis fro or a shrunken TWA. We’re all in this together!" That is so moving and on point.

  • Sue says:

    What a Beauty!

  • Anonymous says:

    WOW, you are one gorgeous lady. I loved what you said about training your mind is even more important than BC/transitioning. That is so true.

  • modest-goddess says:

    She is gorgeous and I'm so glad she shared her skin routine.

  • Anonymous says:

    I also love that she looks so different in the all the photos. Very pretty in each, but all so different and unique.

  • Anonymous says:

    anonn 3:30, She looks younger ot me in the photos. Beautiful in both.

  • Moni says:

    She's gorgeous! Great interview and great hair!

  • Anonymous says:

    She's beautiful, but she looks so much different to me in these interview photos than she did in the video. TV is funny in that way.

  • Anonymous says:

    Best interview yet, thanks for the wig tip

  • Sweetlady says:

    Flawless skin.Good suggestion for making your own half wigs.What color lipstick and blush are you wearing in pic 3?

  • Tanya says:

    Two thumbs up. You're beautiful and I wish you all the best.

  • Lina says:

    Excellent interview! Thanks Nikki and Andrea. Andrea, I couldn't have said it better myself, versatility at its best.

  • Anonymous says:

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Iamsonotmyhair says:

    I have a picture I found online of your hair as one of my inspirations. You're as cute as a button(^_^)

  • TiAnna Mae says:

    What a beautiful lady! I'm going to go get me some CVS face cleaning towels and Aveeno and Neutrogena Astringent. I need to force myself to drink more water though.

  • Anonymous says:

    Absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for sharing, I'll definitely be picking up the products you recommend for skin.

  • Bianca says:

    She's beautiful! Many African-American models and actresses cover their hair to protect it from stylists who don't know how to style their hair without damaging it…It's a common strategy…
    Good luck in the Business!

  • Anonymous says:

    I love your hair! I think we're hair twins. I'm excited to read about your wigs and think I may do a bit of research. I'd love to be able to hide my hair from time to time, especially when I'm tempted to cut.

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