Big Chop!

Pretty, Sexy and Natural

by Danielle of Naturallydani76

I recently read an article from KisforKinky that made me think. It is entitled “How sexy does your natural hair make you feel?”. She was talking about how when she first went natural she hated how she looked with her natural hair.

For me when I first went natural it wasn’t really that big of a deal. I did a semi Big Chop, but since my hair was already short, it didn’t shock me too much. But, after a couple of days I was like… wow! Did I really just shave what little bit of relaxer I had left in my head clear off?!
Then as I started growing it out, there were some days where I felt pretty but NONE where I felt sexy. I wore the big earrings to feel girly and I’ve always been a makeup chick, but I just didn’t feel sexy. And that was just getting crazy to me, because I looked at photos of myself when I had a relaxer but needed a touch up and I would just slick my hair back and it would curl up and I felt sexy then. I started to wonder… what strange hold did having a relaxer have on how I really felt about myself?

6 months of growth

I had to take a long hard look at myself in the mirror – at me – not my hair. It’s just hair! I would tell myself that all the time before, but I guess I didn’t really believe it… I am NOT my hair. My hair is not what makes me me. It’s not what makes me a woman, it’s not what makes me sexy – all of that truly comes from the inside. I have to continue to tell myself that.

How do you feel as a Natural Woman?

Did you immediately find your swag?

How sexy does your natural hair make you feel?