Hola Chicas,

It’s that time again… a virtual play date to celebrate the beautiful, curly babies in our lives! Click on the images to enlarge them:


Here is a pic of my 2 natural babies!
This is my 6 year old son Kalen (sans both front teeth!). He uses the spray bottle in the morning filled with rosewater. Then I apply a little Aloe Vera Gel. That’s it!
Here’s my 3 month old Madison after a hair wash and EVOO as a leave-in.

This is my handsome little man Michael, he’s 15 months old. I usually co-wash his hair with Hello Hydration Conditioner once a week and put a little Kinky Curly Knot Today (KCNT) leave in conditioner in it for moisture. He still sleeps in the bed with me and my hubby (but that’s a whole other post) and he prefers MY satin pillow!!!!!! But when his curls need a little refreshing I use a little spritz of water and a little more KCNT and he’s good to go!!!! He’s an active little toddler so long hair care sessions are not an option;-)
This is my 4 year old daughter Caetlynn. She loves her hair in her puffy ponytail and asks for it everyday! I personally love when she wears a twist out! I use Organic Root Stimulators Replenishing Conditioner to co wash and I use a combination of Organic Root Stimulators Olive Oil Moisturizing Hair Lotion and their Smooth and Hold Pudding to style.

My natural Baby Girl after a good wash and condition using Bee Mine products, the conditioner is a life saver.

This is my 7 month old son wearing a two day old curly fro. I wash his hair with Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo & I use organix coconut milk conditioner or V05 as a leave in & I seal with coconut oil.

My niece Dilan dressed up on Easter Sunday.

This is my 4 year old daughter, Danielle Joy… She won overall most beautiful in the Little Mississippi Preliminary Pageant. She’s rocking a fierce braid out! I co-washed and used Giovanni’s Direct Leave-In along with Eco Styler Gel…

Hello! My name is Courtney and this is little Mason. Currently I am deployed with the United States Navy and he is in the care of a very wonderful sitter and his father. Before I left, I made it a MUST that his hair was “done” and taken care of. I left his babysitter (who is Caucasian and absolutely LOVES Mason’s hair) and father with the following tips:
-wash with baby Shea moisture shampoo/body wash
-apply olive oil after washes
-light coconut oil every other day.

Send in your favorite picture with a caption (complete with product recommendations) to [email protected] I’ll post several every other Friday, in the order I receive them.

Be sure to use ‘Curly Baby’ as the subject line! **We need more ASAP!!!**