Top 6 Ways to Kick Your Summer Curls up a Notch!

Top 6 Ways to Kick Your Summer Curls up a Notch!Evelyn on writes;

Barbecues, pool parties, and vacations—these are a few of our favorite things! But you wouldn’t want to rock a routine curly hairstyle to these fun summer functions, would you? Here is a list of things you can do to spruce up your curly hair for the summer:

  1. Try Curlformers! With four different sizes and lengths of these curlers, you can achieve tight spirals, soft beach waves and anything in between.
  2. Add a touch of color with henna. Native to tropical regions of the world, the henna plant tints the hair a deep red color—it won’t lighten your hair, but rather simply lay a color on top. The darker your hair, the more subtle the color will be. Check out this article for a recipe.
  3. Switch up your hair accessories. Bright-colored headbands, clips, and flower pins all add a fun island feel to beautiful curly hair. Learn to make your own or purchase some from your favorite homemade store
  4. Play with different styles. A fishtail braid or a flat twist down the side brings some spunk to everyday hair.
  5. Get a curly hair cut. Go to a stylist skilled in cutting curly to achieve the look you want. You can cut it short or remove some volume to get some relief during the hottest months of the year.
  6. Experiment with Curlmart products that you never thought would work for you. You might be surprised at the results! But remember, curly hair needs extra TLC. The curlier or kinkier, the more moisture you need! Keep a spray bottle of water and a couple drops of your favorite oil handy. Just shake it up and spritz to give your hair an added boost of moisture.

How do YOU spruce up your hair for the summer? Let us know below!