By now, I’m sure you can see just how important family is to me! I come home EVERY chance I get, and do my best to slow down and live in the moment with them. Plus, I need for Gia to know and love the folks that have greatly influenced my life.

Check out the view:

My cousin and bestie, PJ, holding Gia.
She comes down from KC every single time I come home. Love her!

My sister Syl struggling to dress Boog…lol, Boog looks like she’s saying, ‘momma, put the camera down and do something ’bout it.


while visiting grandma, I flipped through her photo albums and found this–
circa 1951
My grandma (left chair), and her sister (right chair) were being silly and staged this photo.

A throwback of me (Boog looks like me!) with Grandpa.
Like Kanye/Beyonce said, ‘no matter how good it gets, it’ll never be like before’