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Curly Nikki

What is the Baggy Method?

By January 27th, 202116 Comments

What is the Baggy Method?

by Tia of Her Best Hair

The baggy method is exactly how it sounds… a hair care method that includes a bag. The options for this process include a full head baggy method, sometimes referred to as the Greenhouse Effect, or the ponytail only baggy method.

The overall purpose of the baggy method is to promote hair growth by locking in moisture. When baggying your ends only, after moisturizing them, length retention is promoted because the ends are not breaking and splitting due to dryness.

There is a difference between the baggy method and the greenhouse effect. The baggy method typically requires you to use a moisturizer whereas the greenhouse effect encourages your body heat and natural oils to moisturize your hair.

I have not tried the greenhouse effect but I have done the baggy method when my hair was extremely dry. It gave me immediate moisture but the results are temporary. When dealing with cases of extreme dryness I would highly recommend regular conditioning with a moisturizing conditioner.

In simple terms, how do you do the baggy method?

  • On hair that has been washed and conditioned you can apply a leave-in or additional moisturizer of your choice, put on a shower cap, and then secure into place with an elastic headband.


  • On dry hair, apply a moisturizer (or conditioner), put on a shower cap/plastic cap, and then secure into place with an elastic headband.

The length of time that you choose to baggy is up to you just keep in mind that too much of a good thing can be harmful.

Click on the links within this post to see images of the Baggy Method.

CN Says;

I’ve tried both methods overnight. The greenhouse effect left me with incredibly soft and moisturized hair, but since I sweat in my head, my hair shrunk up something fierce and I was left with a little tangling.
The ‘wet’ method… I learned that my hair doesn’t like to be wet for prolonged periods. It gets mooshy, tangly and just ‘blah’ feeling.
I’d pick the greenhouse/dry method over the other. However, the best treatment for me is lightly applying a moisturizer, heavy handedly applying an oil, and covering with a satin bonnet (sans plastic cap). In the A.M., my twists are super soft and supple. Sometimes, as I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I’ll use the heat cap with it.

Do you baggy?


  • La' Vasha says:

    I've decided to baggy much more than I have in the past. I get that mushy feel some of you are talking about. I think the secret to baggying is to baggy maybe two days in a row, then dont baggy for one day to allow your hair to soak up the moisture. That has been working for me and my shedding has stopped since doing it this way. I am gonna try this for a couple of months to see if I am retaining more legnth or not.

  • Anonymous says:

    love snoop I do the bagging often to retain length and I love it!

  • Leo the Yardie Chick says:

    I baggy sometimes in this dry heat we're experiencing now. Since my hair's not long enough to pull off a pony-only, I do my whole head with a leave-in solution spritz.

    Also, that pic of Snoop is killing me softly. XD

  • Valencia says:

    When my ends are dry, I do a southern tease style bun with a baggie over the ends. The sides of your hair are pulled up to the middle and clipped so they (the sides, along with a black satin scrunchie for fullness) hide the bag and I get to wear the baggie all day without anybody knowing.

  • Anonymous says:

    I have baggied with a phony pony (remy kinky from laceflair) off and on for several years and have acheived tremendous growth retention. The best protective style ever with or without the baggie and totally natural looking.

  • Anonymous says:

    That pic of Snoop is priceless! 😀 I personally haven't tried the baggy method at all.

  • Unknown says:

    Thanks for the great feedback everyone!

  • Anonymous says:

    great tips!

  • Anonymous says:

    I only baggy O/N when I am going to flat iron my hair, it helps with the straightening process. Other than that I do an hr deep condition with a plastic shower cap, thats enough for me. I do find the conditioner used makes a difference, my previous ones, seem to just sit on top of my hair. When I tried Giovanni Nutrafix Reconstructor, I was blown away.

  • BKelz says:

    I baggied for about a month or two after I first cut my hair. As Tia said the results are only temporary esp on really dry hair so I did it every night. I don't do it anymore but when I'm not being lazy I do apply an oil and sometimes a smidge bit of water and then an oil then my satin bonnet at night.

  • KeetaRay says:

    It took me awhile to get to the actual post b/c the pic of Snoop just had me cracking up at my desk. The man is crazy but I love it. Lol

    I haven't tried the baggy method yet (STILL!) — but I may soon 🙂 Great tips.

  • CURLYNIKKI says:

    nope! The oil I use just isn't very oily. It soaks in fast and I never have issues with greasiness. I love the Burts Bees Baby Oil and you can get it everywhere! I also like Treasured Locks African Argan Oil.

    And yes, it is a little diff than a dt because I don't rinse. Again, I've only had success with this using that Ghee from Qhemet… it soaks in 100% and leaves no residue. Doing this once a week keeps my hair soft like butter, strong, and super duper shiny. I get compliments on my twists everyday.

  • Anonymous says:

    Snoop is so Crazy got's to love him! I want his designer bag too! lol anyways I've baggied just this past weekend and woke up to very soft moisturized hair! I loved it! but I don't do it to often. Like they say to much of a good thing…not so good!

  • TiAnna Mae says:

    So, I'm assuming you don't wash the moisturizer out, which would make it somewhat different from a deep conditioner???

  • Anonymous says:

    Doesn't your satin cap get really oily?

  • Anonymous says:

    The Snoop, with a bag on his head, pic is PRICELESS!

    I baggy for a few hours when I feel excessively dry. It works, but I don't do it too often because I don't like how my hair becomes soggy & mushy.


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