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I may get many people who disagree with me on this and that’s fine, BUT, I just want to say that… sometimes, naturals do WAYYYYY TOO MUCHHHHH!!!!

I truly believe that with this new wave of ‘naturaldom’, those interested or curious may end up being deterred from taking the leap. Many naturals preach that folks should rid themselves of shampoos and heat, twist their hair every single day in a protective style, henna weekly, make their own products, deep condition for days, and co-wash every other day… it’s too much. In fact, it’s overwhelming to someone who’s considering transitioning or BC’ing, in order to become natural.

The secret to natural hair really is that less is more. Many women that I see with the EXTRA long natural hair have very simple routines. Take CurlyNikki for example. She’ll go a full month wearing the same twist set, unwashed, and is still walking around with thick, voluptuous curls.

Contrary to popular belief, there’s no magic cure for growing your hair down to your butt in two days. There are ways to not retain length, thus making it seem like your hair isn’t growing, BUT success can be obtained without having to stare at or pay attention to your hair everyday.

When I first went natural, I “tricked” myself into thinking that I had to do all sorts of things since I was natural, and now I’m seeing that more success is occurring because I’m relaxing when it comes to my hair… no pun intended, lol!

Don’t let natural hair consume you! The moment you leave it alone will be the very moment you begin to achieve the results you want!

CN Says;
I couldn’t agree more. But, I too was once the over zealous natural. I think it’s a phase that we all go through, it’s a part of the journey… the newness of it all… the excitement, and that’s great and has its place. The important thing to remember is that you know your hair better than anyone else. Listen to it, choose your bandwagons wisely, and find a routine that works and stick to it. What works for your curlfriend may not work for you, and what worked for you last year or on your new TWA, may not work today. If your hair thrives on a regular dose of silicones and mineral oil, do you and don’t feel bad! You’re no less ‘natural’ than the next. At the end of the day, no matter how often you style it, cleansing, conditioning and sealing are the keys to healthy, happy hair. Enjoy the journey and try not to sweat it!

And with that, Jameka asks;

“What would you say to someone who argues that “going natural” and/or “maintaining #naturalhair” is too much work?”

1) Is natural hair too much work?

2) Is the overwhelming message through blogs, YT vids, etc. showing that it’s too much to maintain?

3) Is it justifiable when women with relaxers say going natural/maintaining natural hair is too much work?

This sparked such a great debate that I wanted to do a video sharing some of the comments, and submit to you to see what the CurlyNikki community thinks!

What say you?!

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