Hi guys. Here’s a recent pic of me and my family enjoying our bikes. Bike riding is so much fun. It’s just as much fun for me and my hubby as it is for our children. This is a recent ride along Chicago’s lakefront, navy pier, and past Buckingham Fountain. The kids get to have fun, and we get some peaceful moments of family time. We wear our helmets to make sure that we have an extra layer of protection in case of accidents or falls. My sons easily and enthusiastically place their helmets on their heads before biking. Anyone who knows me, understands that it takes a lot for me to wear a hat or helmet on my head. My biggest question prior to biking was “How can I get my natural hair under this helmet without looking crazy?” LOL! I basically form two low puffs on my hair and secure each with a scrunchy. I do the same for my daughter’s hair. She’s been wearing high puffs lately, so before riding I just move them downward, and Voila! the problem of how to get a helmet over “big hair” is instantly solved. If you would have asked me 3 + years ago if I would ever wear two puffs in public, I would have laughed about it. For some reason, since going natural I love my hair in every state that it’s in. In fact I rocked my puffs and didn’t think twice or obsess over whether they looked bad or anything. I just accepted my hair for what it is, textured, natural, and full.

Oh, let me get back to biking. It has so many wonderful health benefits. I found a recent article on the Huffington Post about the benefits of biking. According to a Harvard Study cited on the Huffington Post, biking for even 5 minutes can minimize weight gain for middle aged women. Check out the entire article to learn the benefits of what 30 minutes of biking can do. Biking is truly fun. It actually brings back memories of my childhood, yep no worries, just riding through and enjoying the scenes. I’m so enjoying the benefits of biking with curls!

Does anyone else enjoy biking? Do you wear a helmet? and if so, “What do you do with your hair under your helmet?
CurlyNikki Says;

Wanna hear a secret? I can’t ride a bike. Sad.