tearing ish up, waiting on the doctor…

Hola Chicas,

So Boogie underwent surgery today. A very routine, minimally invasive, thirty minute procedure… but as a new mom, no surgery is minor. Especially when anesthesia is involved.

She was born with an umbilical hernia (15% of infants are), and while many of them close up on their own, Gia’s appeared to be on the grow. At the pediatrician’s suggestion we weighed the options of ‘now’ and ‘later’, and bit the bullet.

Last night, I read G the ‘Belly Button Book!’ by Saundra Boynton and explained her approaching surgery. I do things like this often, and although I sometimes feel silly afterward, it’s who I am. Instead of simple baby commands like ‘no-no’, or ‘stop’, I say things like, ‘Gia that was totally inappropriate’, or ‘elaborate GG, you’re frustrating Mommy!’ So although I’m quite sure she had no idea what I was talking about, I felt better, and she got the gist… she kept grabbing her belly, coo-ing and pointing at my belly button.

After depriving her of food and drink from midnight on, we reported to the hospital at 5:30 a.m. She was groggy, furiously signing milk, but otherwise in good spirits… blissfully unaware of the events to come. A steady stream of doctors, nurses, and technicians wandered into our pre-op room- – each with their own series of questions, documents for us to sign, and words of encouragement. I was good. Enter the chancellor. Y’all know I’m not very religious. Spiritual, yes. Religious… eh (typical heathen response!). But it’s something about prayer, especially in times of great angst, that turns on the waterworks. I managed to hold it together until they wheeled her away. Composure lost. In front of everyone. And I swear, it seemed that every nurse in the room was looking, waiting on that moment. They all rushed with tissues. I was so embarrassed.

I spent the next hour in the waiting room… blogging… emailing… worrying. Finally, the pager beeped and the surgeon and his nurse came out to see me. He briefed me, let me know Boogs was in recovery and that all was well. I turned to the nurse to thank her and she smiled and asked, ‘are you Nikki?’ The surgeon was so puzzled. She went on to explain to him about the blog and how she recognized Gia. Wouldn’t you know it, GG was in the hands of a fellow CN community member! She has become more popular than me!

She’s resting comfortably in my arms as I type this. Send good thoughts her way ladies… and my way too, as I play the role of supermom over the next few days.

Later Gators,