her dope Tee says it all…

Hola Chicas!

Last night I hung out with the gorgeous curlies of North Carolina. It was bitter sweet though- – we had a blast mingling and talking hair, but it was also a going away party of sorts. Thanks to the hubs, we’re headed to cold, cold State College, PA. But last night was anything but chilly. The heat and humidity truly tested the limits of our anti-humectants. I showed up with a long and defined dry twist-n-curl and ended up with a pretty decent sized, ear length curly fro. It was hot as Lucifer’s breath in the spot… and we were packed in there like sardines (head count was more than 500 at times), lol, but we still had a blast. HUGE thanks to Shea Moisture for sponsoring the event and providing lots of free goodies and appetizers.

Check out the view:

the line

Jamila of CollegeCurlies and her boot… she made it look sexy!

wine in hand! I look like such a lush!

looky how wide my hair got…

look at all the styles!

Tia of Her Best Hair and her friend Nikki

at dinner later that evening…

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