by Jamila of CollegeCurlies

A CollegeCurlies reader writes;

Hello, I’m a 19y/o natural college student and I’m struggling with my hair to say the least. Its been approx. 9months since my BC but the first 5months I had little to no growth retention. I am very familiar with the technical concept of natural hair and can describe it to many others. Sadly, I can’t see any major results in my hair. I had a leave-in that I mixed, It was a combination of Aloe Vera juice, Almond oil, olive oil and water, but I recently lost it. 🙁 I was wondering if you can set me up with some type of basic regimen or something of the sort because I feel this is mass mistreatment of my hair. I’m trying really hard but I have little to no support system and very small amount of cash to buy multiple non successful products . Can you please help :/, Signed a Natural Needing Help.

Jamila Responds;

First, don’t expect to see growth results immediately! Everyone’s hair grows at different rates. If you’re considered about length retention, check out this post by Black Hair Care Blog.

One of the most important things I’ve learned throughout my natural journey is that what works for one curly might not work for me. Start with basics, and if/when your budget permits, try those other splurge products that you think might work for you. Here are some tips:

Try before you Buy: You can sample a lot of products before you buy them. A natural hair salon in my hometown sells Jane Carter and Miss Jessie’s products; go in for a consultation and ask if you can sample the products in-store. Sephora sells Carol’s Daughter products, and you can ask for samples there as well.

Use what you have: Honey, cheapie conditioner, and Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) can be your natural hair’s best friends. Don’t’ feel like you have to go out and buy all new products. You can make a deep conditioning mix or spice up your conditioner/shampoo by adding oils. Check out more kitchen ingredients that can be used on your natural hair here.

Care from the inside out: Water, vitamins, a healthy diet, sufficient sleep and an exercise routine are all parts of healthy hair care. Part of many Grow Out Challenges include these elements because they’ve proven to be successful.

Shea Moisture products get great reviews from the curly community, and are relatively inexpensive. Check out my list of fabulous and frugal products (all under $12.00)

I hope this helps.

Stay fabulous!