Hair Damage, it's Inevitable... (Henna Giveaway)
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Hair Damage, it's Inevitable... (Henna Giveaway)

Hola Chicas,

After reading through many of the comments from yesterday’s Argan Oil post, it seems that most of you are dealing with at least some amount of breakage or split ends. By now, I’m sure you’re aware that hair damage can’t be wholly prevented… just minimized and managed.

The question today is–

What do you consider normal wear and tear breakage/splits for your mane? How do you manage it? What methods do you take to prevent it as much as possible?

I’m still cleaning out my product stash, so today I have *400g of BAQ Jamila henna* for one lucky curly!
Respond below and be sure to describe your hair texture.
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CN Responds;

Ugh. Split ends. I deal with splits way more than breakage.

*cue violins*

I remember a time, circa 2004, that I had every type of split end under the sun… the evil mid-strand needle holes, multiple splits on a single strand, and gasp, white dot breakage! My head was a mess and it seemed like no matter what I did (even frequent microtrims), things just got worse. Much worse. EVERY.SINGLE.STRAND.DAMAGED. For reals.
Chopping an inch or so every month, I finally grew it all out over the course of 2 years. Heat damage is real and can’t be ‘repaired’. Trust me.

Today, I find around 5-10 broken hairs per styling session (bi-weekly), and around 25 split ends per Search & Destroy mission (every 1-2 months). The broken hairs are those itty bitty ones from my tired old ends, and the splits are minor and only on the tips… occasionally, however, I’ll find a solitary shredded strand. It’s weird, I find much of the damage in the back of my head where I have tighter, coarser coils. This is up from when I frequently henna’ed, but still isn’t cause for alarm. I see far fewer, if any broken hairs if I remember to oil 20 minutes before detangling.

My fine, highly porous strands are extremely susceptible to mechanical damage so I do my best to (1) never be hurried while detangling, (2) opt for fingers as my primary tool, (3) utilize low manipulation styles, (4) keep my hair stretched, (5) stay moisturized and lubricated, (6) always sleep in a satin bonnet, (7) never skip a deep treatment, and (8) keep sharp and/or new hair scissors on hand at all times.

Since I haven’t had much time for henna (which really helped to reinforce my strands and prevent damage), I’ve also been experimenting with silk protein leave-ins as of late with good results.

What about you?!