Go Boogie, Go Boogie, Go!…Go! Go! Go!

…that’s what we chant when Boogie is well, boogying. She loves to dance… and I mean LOVES.TO.DANCE. It doesn’t matter where we are or how sleepy or grumpy she may be… whether it’s bag pipes (true story) or her daddy casually repeating one of Jay’s lyrics, when she hears what sounds like music, she can’t help herself. The rhythm gets her and she almost instinctively begins to sway, bop and wiggle. It’s the cutest thing and super fitting that she was dancing in the middle of the floor just before she took her very first, unassisted steps! Four monumental steps!


I was Facetiming with Syl so she could see her niece and check out the new living space. The camera was focused on Boogie when she started jamming to a recorded episode of ‘Yo Gaba Gaba’- my new favorite show- she stopped and just took off. Took the hell off!

Mind blown. Syl was shouting. I was screaming like a maniac. Scared the pee out of Gia. She was looking at me like I had lost my mind. And I think I did. I knew this day was quickly approaching, but I most certainly wasn’t prepared for it. She’ll be 11 months tomorrow and she’s totally mobile, points at objects, mimics my every move, says ‘dada’, and laughs hysterically and crawls at top speeds away from me when she has something she knows she shouldn’t… and all this from what was a loose neck baby just a few months ago. I knew walking was the next milestone, but I still have so many emotions right now! I’m proud, I’m happy, excited for her, a little sad… but more important, I’m hiding all my ish. Gia is super destructive and NOTHING is safe. This is not a drill.

Later Gators,