by Kurlybella of K is for Kinky

You’re going to think that you are supposed to eat this but I don’t think you should. Though the idea of a scalp massage may seem foreign to you, don’t worry, it makes your scalp feel so good. I suggest using a finely ground brown sugar and to rub the scalp very softly.

-4 tbsps of brown sugar
-2 tbsps of your favorite conditioner. you can also substitute yogurt, shea butter, mango butter or coconut milk
-1 tbsp honey

Mix together and apply to scalp. Massage to remove buildup and impurities. Rinse thoroughly.

This works sooo well for hair that has buildup – you know, when you scratch your scalp and you have gunk that comes off in your fingernails? It helps to clean the scalp without stripping it and making it feel tight and dry.


CN Says;

LOVE scalp scrubs! I haven’t done one in years, but I remember the brown sugar scrub being a very effective yet gentle cleanser. It removes buildup without stripping your curls, and feels amazing on your scalp (and face and skin for that matter). In my opinion, it’s much better than baking soda for clarifying… give it a try and report back!