Jeanine writes;

I love Trader Joe’s shampoos and conditioners. They don’t have much selection but that keeps me from getting overwhelmed. I also appreciate that their products are natural and a great value. I recently started going to Whole Foods for oils for my homemade mixes, and discovered the treasure trove of hair products! I don’t even know where to begin. I’m excited about all the new lines but need some help. My question is, which products are worth trying? What is the CurlyNikki community readers loving at WFs?

CN Says;

I *heart* Whole Check! But I must admit that due to the now excellent selection at stores like Tarjay and Walgreens, I only stop by once in a blue moon. However, I’ve had success with a few brands of conditioners- – Desert Essence, Nature’s Gate, 365 Value, and Jane Carter. A word of caution, just because it’s at Whole Foods doesn’t mean it’s ‘organic’ or ‘all natural’. No matter what the label claims, read the ingredient list and make a determination from there. I personally don’t use all organic products, but I know some folks are sticklers for that.

For a Wednesday laugh, check out this video. I posted it on FB a while back. Hilarious.