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The JOYS of Being Natural!- GIVEAWAY CLOSED

By January 27th, 202189 Comments
The winner is Jade (12:16pm)
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the forum, oooop2 writes;

The JOYS of Being Natural!- GIVEAWAY CLOSED

Sharing a laugh with my Mom and loving the fact that we were both natural and carefree.

What’s your favorite thing about being natural?

**Respond below and one lucky curly will win a bottle of DevaCurl NoPoo. I’m packing and cleaning out my closet! **


  • mndegrassi8 says:

    Being able to style my hair when its wet and jus go as oppose to my relaxed hair when i had to dry it first

  • Briana Bee says:

    The best thing about being natural is feeling free to not worry about my hair and being able to workout and be active without worrying about sweating out my hair

  • Roxydpeu says:

    I love the fact that i can scratch my scalp whenever i want to! Haha, but seriously, as a former weave queen it bugged me so much to not be able to scratch my scalp. I also love the fact that i am rocking my God given hair, it gives me a sense of authenticity. I no longer am trying to fit in with the rest of those who are trying to become more "Euro-centric."

  • Anonymous says:

    What I love about being natural is that I'm finally me πŸ™‚

  • Amber Elise says:

    I love the sense of confidence that I have. When had I had relaxed hair I was always wondering how I looked and if al my stray hairs were in place. Now…I don't care! I know I look good no matter what and I find my self confidence growing every time I look int he mirror.

    Natural is love!

  • Shana B says:

    I love the versatility that comes with my natural hair.
    I love the curls!
    I love being able to learn and discover new things about my hair.
    I love that my natural hair makes me "unique."
    I love that saving money on salon visits = more money to spend on hair products, accessories, & shoes!

  • Kat says:

    the beset thing about being natural is that i'm less anal with my hair. I don't fuss with it (much) and I feel the most beautiful when I allow it do it what it wants. alice walker had it right: Eventually I knew precisely what hair wanted: it wanted to grow, to be itself, to attract lint, if that was its destiny, but to be left alone by anyone, including me, who did not love it as it was.

  • Hurjurnee says:

    My absolute favorite thing about being natural is that I am finally the real me, as God designed me. I'm so thankful to no longer conform to what I grew up thinking was the way a woman should look.


  • Lydia says:

    I love that I don't smell like burnt hair, but that I smell like VANILLA. Smelling like candy is just an added bonus to beautiful curls.

    Secret to smelling yummy (kinky curly curling custard)

  • Anonymous says:

    My favorite thing is that when I look in the mirror I finnaly see what I was always trying to be. I can't put a name on it. But, now when I look in the mirror, I say thats what I am supposed to look like!!

  • Valencia says:

    My favorite thing is being unique. We have something that nobody else has and there is no way for anybody else to duplicate it. Natural hair is really our very own!

  • KHurly Girl says:

    Never running from the rain…Working out and not worrying about how the sweat will affect my hair…and never buying a shower cap again! LOL

  • Victoria J says:

    I love the process of learning how to care for my hair and what my hair likes. I love walking into a room and having my 3yr old daughter say "Ohh La La Mommy". Also, not having to worry about the weather and exercise is so nice!

  • mizcreativelyme says:

    wow, so many things to name but above all, i love that i can inspire others to 'go natural' and be free. it's amazing how making one seemingly simple change towards acceptance & loving everything about yourself can make you feel so good, starting from within.

  • Tammy G - Curly Chic says:

    Hands down the versatility! I have 101 more options of how to rock my curls!

  • Lanni says:

    I love my natural hair because it reminds me of how I overcame my fears to do it in the first place and, therefore, I can overcome my fears in any other area if I choose to go for it.

  • CurlyChellez says:

    the versatility of my hair and not having to rely on going to the salon to get my hair done

  • Alisha says:

    I love that I don't have to spend forever getting ready by curling my permed hair in the morning. I get up, shake out my locs, maybe spritz it a bit, and I'm ready to go.

  • Franki says:

    My favorite thing about being natural is the versatility. I can do all sorts of different things and it doesn't matter if I have to wash a product out because I didn't spend $60 on a press that I'll be wasting if I wash my hair. I can go from twists to pigtails to puffs to 'fro to bun and back all in a weekend (and I have). My personality's a bit all over the place. I'm okay with my hair being all over the place, too.

  • Malisia says:

    My favorite thing about being natural is having the hair I always wanted but never knew I had.

  • WendyE79 says:

    I'm not afraid to get my hair wet in the rain!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    I love having the freedom to do what I want with my hair. When my hair was relaxed, I felt like my stylist had alot of the control. Now its up to me and I would not have it any other way!

  • Anonymous says:

    My favorite part about being natural is that my hair is teaching me that I don't always have to be in control. Literally my hair is teaching me to just "let it go and let God take it over" and trust me I have had some hair days that started with me saying "lawd it's in your hands today"….LOl. Not only is it something I have had to learn with my hair but also with life. It's a very hard lesson to learn but it's a very necessary one.

  • Yasmin says:

    My favorite part of being natural is the uniqueness and range of the hairstyles I can create. Also, I feel closer to my East African heritage with my hair in its natural, kinky curly state.

  • L33 says:

    My favorite thing about being natural is that I know this is the healthiest my hair has EVER been!!! I feel beautiful!! πŸ™‚

  • Natural Sunshine says:

    My favorite thing about being natural is not running for cover when its raining outside. I just enjoy the drops and thank God for the added moisture so I don't have to pull out my spray bottle to dampen my wash and go.

  • Anonymous says:

    It feels so good to not to have to "fight" my texture anymore. I used to get so anxious when my kinky/curly new growth started coming in and "messing up" the straight look.

    I feel the most like myself, when I am natural and the compliments don't hurt either.

  • keisha says:

    Versatility and uniqueness! Guess I was destined to be natural because when I relaxed it didn't bother me in the least bit if i got caught in the rain! It's ALL ME, FREEDOM, compliments galore!

  • Andrea says:

    The versatility! I never knew that I could do SO much with my hairl. My curls aren't only beautiful, but enhance the beauty that is me πŸ˜€

  • Star says:

    My favorite thing about being natural is the FREEDOM! I love just being me and not looking "cookie cutter", with the layered wrap or just straight hair like so many others. I'm no longer a slave to my hair, my hair is free and so am I!

  • Kim says:

    My favorite thing about being natural is that i now love getting compliments in my hair because I have styled it myself. makes me proud!

  • TheRYL1 says:

    My favorite thing about being natural is…no matter where I am people will ALWAYS stare! At first, it used to bother me, but now, I know it's because they've never seen anything like me and/or my hair: Naturally Beautiful & Confident. I like to say…"My Chocolate iz HOT!"

  • fabfreshandfly says:

    My favorite thing about being natural is getting to see the real me. When I look in the mirror, I don't see straight hair that looks like everyone else's. Im not just another face in the crowd. I see my big, kinky, curly, often bushy, fro that looks like it belongs on my head, and not someone else's.

  • Chrissy Dee Miller says:

    My favorite thing about wearing my natural hair is that it's versatile, free, beautiful and me. It makes me feel good that I'm not pining after a fake image of who society believes I should be. It's my real beauty — the type that God intended.

  • E says:

    This article is timely today because I just got caught without an umbrella in a thunderstorm complete with heavy rain, thunder and lighting… and had to walk blocks and blocks back to work from lunch. I may have looked like a wet cat when I got back, but my hair was in tact, and I was NOT worried about messing up my style. I was definitely thinking how wonderful it is to be natural!

    One of my hopes in being natural is that it will help curtail any tendencies toward vanity and worry over my hair so that I don't obsess over the perfect placement of every styled strand (and I definitely did obsess before). The better (and simpler) you treat your hair and body, the better they look without the added effort. And when you're not worried about those superficial things anymore, who knows, maybe it allows you to focus more on other things in life that had taken a back seat to your beauty regimen (and probably shouldn't have). That's a BIG joy of being natural.

    As a side note: I 'm also glad it was a summer rain and not a cold winter rain πŸ™‚

  • KLW says:

    i just love the versatility of it! With natural hair I can choose from a plethora of curly styles, but i can also wear it straight if i choose to!

  • Anonymous says:

    Since I just MC'd (Medium chopped, lol. I still have relaxer in the front but none in the back because I have an angled bob) after a year and a 3 month transition, my favorite part is getting out of the shower after washing my hair, looking at my curls, and going, "Dude! That is so COOL!"

    And, it is also pretty nifty not to completely lose it if it starts raining out of the blue while I was in the mall.

  • Anonymous says:

    My favorite thing about being natural is the FREEDOM TO BE ME. No more and no less. Whether I sweat, swim, it's humid, raining, shrinkage or full length. I'm FREE TO BE ME through it all. I'm happy.
    Allnatural1 (Michelle in TX)

  • Ranelle Tulloch says:

    My favorite thing about being natural is not having to worry about "sweating out" my press! lol i have a lot more freedom and waay more style options with my hair

  • adelh says:

    i love the fact that i am free from relaxers, flat irons, blow dryers,roller and expensive hair products that i had to buy to keep my darned hair straight!!!


  • Naturally Nita says:

    My favorite thing about being natural is that my hair is healthier than it's been in a very long time. My hair is no longer thinning in the back the way it was when I had a relaxer. And now that I'm doing my own hair, I know more about my hair than I ever did when I was relaxed.

  • Eliseba says:

    I feel less stress and more me!

  • Anonymous says:

    I love that people see me, know I'm confident then whisper and stare, that other women would love to be natural and I can help inspire them, and the freedom I have when getting ready for anything…I am always halfway there and fierce without effort!

  • Dee says:

    Here's a few things…

    1. when it rains… I do a SLOWER WALK to my destination. Enjoying the rain is so liberating!

    2. Smile when someone asks about my hair with my boyfriend and HE interjects and educates the woman about her hair…. (too funny!)

    3. My mom, a die hard fan of relaxer, finally making the switch and kicking herself for not doing it sooner!

  • TrueBlue says:

    The best thing about being natural is the freedom. I kinda let my hair do what it wants until the next twistout. You can never have a bad hair day with natural hair. What's better than styling your hair with your fingers or few hair pins?! I adore my hair: the fluffy texture and the color. Friends like my natural hair better than the perm, says it has more character. I couldn't agree more!

  • Anonymous says:

    Being able to wash and go!!!soo easy!!!!

  • Porsche says:

    My favorite thing about being natural is that it has boosted my self esteem to a whole new level, being a teen.

  • Amy says:

    My favorite thing about being natural is that I feel like a new person. I'm happier and I'm no longer concerned with what people say my hairn should look like. I feel like because I've been able to embrace my natural hair, I've been able to embrace myself.

  • NoIsmSchism says:

    My favorite thing about being natural is the versatility that my hair gives me. I can rock so many styles and still keep it fresh.

  • bellezanatural84 says:

    Just embracing and loving the real me. Our natural hair is so versatile, diverse, ethnic, BEAUTIFUL!! This journey from BC to 14 months natural has been full of joys and frustrations but i wouldnt trade it for anything…natural girls rock!! πŸ™‚

  • Anonymous says:

    1. Dancing in the rain
    2. If I wake up and don't like my hair I can just wet it, put in a thick leave in…and run out the door!
    3. Knowing that no one in the world has the same curls as me =)

  • Anonymous says:

    When I say I am free….I really can feel it. I am free mind, body, spirit and most of all FREE WITH MY HAIR!!!!


  • Leo the Yardie Chick says:

    No more fear of rain wrecking my brand-new, costly hair-do.

    No more scalp burns.

    No more twice-monthly, expensive salon trips – especially in this recession.

    No more limp-as-a-wet-rag hair.

    Ahhhhhh, it is awesome!

  • Anonymous says:

    I absolutely love the texture and fullness I get. Didn't get that with relaxed hair.


  • Anonymous says:

    I love being able to workout and sweat and simply washNgo in the shower. Freedom from worrying about how I sleep and messing up my hair-do or caring if my hair gets wet in the rain, swimming, etc. has been great! And of course, all the time saved and damage prevented from blow-drying and flat-ironing. Carefree and loving it!

    Dana from the STL

  • Jade says:

    My favorite part about being natural is that I feel like my hair finally symbolizes and represents me as a person. With my natural hair I feel unique, special and beautiful!!!

  • Akilah says:

    When a man says, "It's refreshing to see a woman who is not afraid to rock ehr natural hair."

  • Kendra says:

    I have been natural since 2008 and before then I'd always struggled to find a good exercise routine that wouldn't cause so much sweat! When I started training for a bike race I found that I LOVED road bike riding. But cycling causes a lot of sweat especially in Texas in the summer. So I decided that summer to not relax my hair anyone. It was soooooo liberating to finally be able to not worry about my hair. I didn't big chop, I transitioned slowly cutting a little at a time. I had the remaining relaxed ends cut off in June 2010 and my curly hair is now down to my shoulders curly and straight is bra strap length. Since my transition I wonder why I ever got a relaxer. I rarely wear it straight anymore. My dad has made commentary since my transition how he liked my hair better straight…but I have said to him and my mom (naturally wavy/straight hair) that my hair is simply a combination of them and they should love it like it is!

    It's so awesome to see what my natural hair looks like. I can't ever keep my hands out of it. To think there was a point during my childhood when I wanted straight hair like the other girls. I have found that my natural hair is what makes me unique. People refer to me as the lady with the really curly hair and I love it!

  • Anonymous says:

    I love that since I've been natural I have realized my TRUE self in every sense of the word!!! I've realized and love my true hair texture and have grown more confident in it, myself, and the things I'm involved with.


  • Kimmels says:

    There are so many things that I love about being natural. I tried so many wigs and weaves and I never found something that fit me the way my natural hair has. I love the confidence it brings me and I love when people who aren't used to my texture look at me like I'm crazy.

  • Tif-fro-nee says:


    My favorite thing about being natural is being able to explore the needs/desires of my hair and body, and just simply, not thinking twice about what others may think. I love it!!!!

  • Bryanna says:

    I love the fact that I can just shake my hair and go especially with a twist out. I have my own wet and wavy hair lol

  • tommieg says:

    What's your favorite thing about being natural?……..Well i love the fact that i can still be versatile with my styles as if i had a relaxer. I have more fun with my hair than i ever have in life!! I also love that my hair is a conversation starter and i have met many ladies that are nice and that we all can relate because we have something GREAT in common: NATURAL HAIR!

  • yayamama03 says:

    The best part about going natural is….going swimming this summer and not worry about the chemicals from my relaxer and the pool fighting each and fighting me! I also love that my girls and I are on the same page as I learn how to better take care of their hair and mines.By going natural , my lifestyle has changed as I now watch with I put in as well what I put on my body.

  • Elle says:

    My favorite thing about being natural besides embracing myself the way God intended is when I wake up late and don't have to worry about my hair looking crazy because I didn't get to curl it properly.

  • Jasmine says:

    The best thing about my natural hair is that it is no longer damaged and is now healthy due to the care I now give my hair.

  • Erika Barnes says:

    The one thing I love about me being natural is being able to swim and not have to do a million and one things to get it back looking right. I am an AVID swimmer!

  • Anonymous says:

    One of my favorite things about being natural is that I am able to do my own hair. Thanks! Davina916

  • LadyV69 says:

    There are too many joys for me to count. I love not having to spend all day at a salon. I love that I don't have to fear rain anymore. I love that my hair always smells so good and that it no longer has that chemical smell. I feel so liberated because even though I'm 41, but this is really the first time that I feel authentic and true to myself.

  • Rae says:

    My favorite thing about being natural is that it makes me an individual! I have a twin sister and to be compared to someone else your WHOLE life can wreak havoc on one's self-esteem. The comparison's weren't always bad, but they certainly outweighed the good. When I made the decision to go natural, I was met with some negativity and there was a lot of doubt that I'd even go through with it…but now 2 years later, my sister is the one hearing…"when are you going to go natural like your sister?" #twinsrock

  • IyanaLove says:

    I have a few favorite parts of being natural. First if the amazing sense of freedom I feel. There are no more 6 hour days at the salon. I don't have to work out at home for fear that everyone else will smell that "perm smell" as soon as I start sweating. Also, I absolutely love the camaraderie I feel with other members of the natural community. I'm going to my first Naturally Flyy Detroit Meet-up on July 30th, and while I already know many ladies who plan to attend, I'm SO excited!

  • Shontay Montgomery says:

    My favorite thing about being natural is I am setting an example to my 16 year old daughter that embracing yourself for who you are and not what society expects you to be is a rewarding choice that is made by you. It takes a very strong person, as they say go against the grain.
    I have only been natural a little over 6months and at 35 years old I feel like I have matured and finally found myself.

  • MsJboogie007 says:

    When I was relaxed, I didn't mind the rain, and I would wash my hair often, so for me, my favorite thing about being natural is not being concerned about my hair being "perfect" and not having to put a comb through it everyday…that's nice πŸ™‚

  • Devon says:

    I love the free, happy-go-lucky nature of my hair. I don't have to manipulate it very much to achieve fab results and when the rains comes, oh well, 'Girl, i'm natural!':)

  • Paula says:

    The smile and/or nod of common experience from your fellow curly as you pass each other in the grocery aisle, on the beach, at the bus station…

  • Pecancurls says:

    I am transitioning, but the rain and humidity of the deep South are no longer my kryptonite. πŸ™‚

  • Ashley says:

    I love being natural because everyday is like a new adventure! Sometimes the quest fails (rocking a failed twist-out as I type)but other days it's like I hit the curly jackpot when my curls are nice and defined and stretched to perfection. I'm in the house all the time so I miss out on the compliments that everyone seems to be talking about but when my husband comes home and says "Wow! Your hair looks amazing!" It makes me feel great and ready for the next adventure!

  • atribitt says:

    having my husband follow my careful instructions about how to care for our daughter's hair. since i'm natural too, i must know what i'm talking about!!! (no more, but this is what my mama did backtalk)

  • CurlyNola says:

    I love that my hair is so unique and fierce! I don't see anyone else rocking my hairstyle, look, color etc. The same can't be said of weaves, haircut of the moment etc.

  • ArbnGrl says:

    What I love about being natural, is that I have the freedom to do what I want with my hair and not letting society dictate when I have to go to the salon and spend loads of $$$$$. While still looking pretty πŸ˜‰

  • Anonymous says:

    The best thing about being natural for me is the fact that I'm enabled to share this process with my daughter as she is natural as well. When ever either of us is feeling down about our hair; the other encourages and lifts the other up! I love that!!!:) Also it's so liberating to be able to wet my hair wheneva I see fit, such a change from my relaxed days!


  • honeybrown1976 says:

    I'm transitioning. But, I just wanted to say that my hair has never felt better. I can feel the health and happiness she has after so many years of an abusive relationship.

  • Anonymous says:

    215Nina writes:
    I absolutely LOVE that ever since my BIG CHOP 3 wks ago, it's the best overall natural high and awareness of myself. I'm absolutely in love with seeing my face again!!! I'm falling in love everyday with how resillient my hair is as it returns to it's natural curly pattern. AND I feel sexier than EVER!!! LOL! Coworkers and strangers alike have noticed and are giving me complements on just about everything whereas before I guess I pretty much blended in with the masses. This TWA is so liberating; empowering; and the absolute best thing I've ever done for ME. :O)

  • anewmeep says:

    My favorite thing about being natural is that I can style it any way I wish and because it makes me unique.

  • Anonymous says:

    My favorite thing is that I don't have to worry about bad hair days. My hair looks good all the time and on days I don't think so, I get even more compliments!


  • Carolina says:

    My favorite this about my hair is that I'm growing as it grows.

  • Anonymous says:

    @ Dada Chiku: I totally agree about the rain. LOL

    I also wanted to add that my favorite thing about being natural is when I am in a store and someone is admiring my hair, and as we continue to talk they make the decision to become natural as well. Not just to jump on the bandwagon but because they want to have healthy hair. It's encouraging to know that my natural hair inspired someone else to set a goal or better their life, eating habits or etc. So cool.

  • Anonymous says:


    When I step out the house I feel fully natural, like this is who I was meant to be. I feel like I exude a glow for the world to see, for me that's the best part about being natural.

  • Maya Ange'le says:

    Now when someone compliments me on my hair, I feel like they're complimenting me on ME, for something that I inherently AM, not for some other standard I'm trying to meet.

    And I'm not afraid of the rain anymore.

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