Maintaining Your Sexy While Clubbing

Maintaining Your Sexy While Clubbing

by KurlyBella of K is for Kinky

ebz (not pictured) asks:

I’ve recently been going out to LAs hottest clubs and I’ve been dancing my butt off! But I’ve been having trouble keeping my hair looking cute while working up a sweat in these crowded areas. Do you have any tips for keeping your hair cute even after sweating and dancing for 4 hours?

Kurlybella responds:

ebz, I’d love to say that I party like a rock star, but I don’t. The last time I stepped foot in a club my hair didn’t suffer because it was not overly crowded, and I didn’t drop it low (as much as I used to).

Actually, I’ve never really been a clubber. Even in college, I rarely went out to clubs unless I got that urge to hear the bass booming in my ears and to feel it vibrating throughout my body as my girls and I lived it up for the night. Lounges were and are more of my thing. I like them because I get the ambiance of a club but I can get up and dance if I want to and sit and chill with good conversation the rest of the night – that’s more my style. But I feel you girl.

I have very kinky hair and the slightest hint of water in the air or on my scalp makes my hair shrink up like nobodies business which ain’t the business because then my hair will be a disaster to detangle once it shrinks down into an undefined afro.

You can party with your hair out of course, but if you want to avoid possible crazy looking hair after slinging your body around for four hours, I’d suggest something like a partial or full updo – a side ponytail, ninja bun or anything that can keep your hair stretched if you you have kinky hair which can be difficult to detangle once shrunken. And don’t forget twists, you can twist your hair and pin them up into a style as well and look both elegant and classy as you bring all the boys to the yard (to see all of these hair styles check out “i want her hair!“).

If you are more on the type 3 spectrum, then you should work on fighting frizz with anti-humectant products and silicon serums (you can also use these if you have kinky hair too). People give silicone a bad rap, but in a hot and sweaty club, it can save your curls by blocking out all that heat radiating off of the dance floor and water in the air.

I can’t say I’m much of an expert on clubbing hair, but if you go with pinned up styles for kinky hair and use products tailored with silicone and based on an anti-humectant forumla, this should give you a good start and help you to avoid the “I stuck my finger in an electric socket look” at the end of the night.

what say you ladies? when you are dropping it low, how do you keep your hair looking good all night? What advice do you have for ebz?

CN Says;

Y’all know how I do. I go in prepared with a few bobby pins, a pony tail holder and clip in my clutch. But after the third drink and my fifth jam, I don’t care what my hair looks like until the next day! I can say that my new routine has been treating me well. My hair has held up quite well at the last couple of parties.