by KurlyBella of KisforKinky

The other day as I was standing in my mirror trying to decide if I want to cut my hair and if so, how I wanted to cut it, I thought back to my days with straight hair just last year – that last time I pressed. I look nice with my hair pressed out but as always, as soon as I press my hair and the feeling of the love I have for my straight hair subsides a few days later, I’m feening to go back to my kinky curls.

I’ve come to realize that though I covet my hair in it’s organic state, a lot of women don’t stay natural or don’t go natural because they don’t feel that their natural hair is a flattering look for them. I didn’t rock a TWA because I felt the same exact way. I wore a sew in until my hair was shoulder length pressed-out and wore my hair pressed until I fried it to oblivion. Too bad we don’t have do-overs in life. Now, I know better.

Would it be fair to say that not everyone’s choice to NOT go or STAY natural has to do with self-hate or interior disdain, more so than it has to do with an aesthetic choice of simply – “natural hair is…not cute…on me”?


But wait, at the same time saying that “natural hair is just not FLATTERING for errbody” is a catch 22, right, because your natural hair is how you are SUPPOSED to look, so is there really any way one can believe such a sentiment and truly stand firm in it with no connection to the historical battle we’ve been fitting with our roots?

I’d say no because in my opinion you can’t have one without the other since the desire to straighten itself in the first place is directly tied to self hate – even if the first straightening comb was invented forever ago or if you have no idea who Madam CJ Walker is.

“But we change ourselves and our hair up (for the better) all the time!”

Yes, I can admit that people dye their hair and sometimes the dyed hair looks better than their natural hair or we get a hair cut that is flattering to our face shape and structure that completely changes our look and highlights our faces better. So what’s the difference? Is there one?

What say you? Do you believe that natural hair is just not FLATTERING for errbody? Or do you think that inevitably this value is tied, even in the slightest bit, to self loathing whether one admits it or not?